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0. implement __dir__
2. Add dummy text backend to telnet_auth.
3. clean-up logging in standalone shell.
24. Inspection of required_property gives NotImplementedError, show a nicer message.
25. Allow creation of Env() objects which disallow connection to hosts. By
using this, it's possible to safely and quickly evaluate all Query objects.
And Look for reverse relationsships. e.g. List all the queries that point
to a certain node. "--list-references" command.
26. Fix select_node parameters and test it. (filter should be an inspection
filter instance.)
27. Disallow overriding of 'host', 'hosts' and others in Node
28. Better document IsolationIdentifierType
29. Show item_mapping of current node in --inspect
30. Create command to enable/disable interactive property of the Console
32: reverse search for node references. "--search mynode": this traverses the tree, evaluates all Q-statements and prints pointers to this node.
33: Mark host as unavailable. When a host is unavailable, nothing on that host will be executed.