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Fix colors in Windows. (When the foreground/background have modified …

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jonathanslenders committed Jul 27, 2016
1 parent 5c28c66 commit a9df2a24ed54eae356e622cd4cc0ddf3c4a8c008
Showing with 30 additions and 24 deletions.
  1. +30 −24 prompt_toolkit/terminal/
@@ -206,17 +206,24 @@ def reset_attributes(self):
def set_attributes(self, attrs):
fgcolor, bgcolor, bold, underline, italic, blink, reverse = attrs
if reverse:
fgcolor, bgcolor = bgcolor, fgcolor
# Start from the default attributes.
attrs = self.default_attrs
# Override the last four bits: foreground color.
if fgcolor is not None:
attrs = attrs & ~0xf
attrs |= self.color_lookup_table.lookup_fg_color(fgcolor)
# Override the next four bits: background color.
if bgcolor is not None:
attrs = attrs & ~0xf0
attrs |= self.color_lookup_table.lookup_bg_color(bgcolor)
# Make sure to reverse, even when no values were specified.
if fgcolor is None:
fgcolor = '000000'
if bgcolor is None:
bgcolor = 'ffffff'
# Reverse: swap these four bits groups.
if reverse:
attrs = (attrs & ~0xff) | ((attrs & 0xf) << 4) | ((attrs & 0xf0) >> 4)
i = self.color_lookup_table.lookup_color(fgcolor, bgcolor)
self._winapi(windll.kernel32.SetConsoleTextAttribute, self.hconsole, i)
self._winapi(windll.kernel32.SetConsoleTextAttribute, self.hconsole, attrs)
def disable_autowrap(self):
# Not supported by Windows.
@@ -497,29 +504,28 @@ def _color_indexes(self, color):
self.best_match[color] = indexes
return indexes
def lookup_color(self, fg_color, bg_color):
def lookup_fg_color(self, fg_color):
Return the color for use in the
`windll.kernel32.SetConsoleTextAttribute` API call.
:param fg_color: Foreground as text. E.g. 'ffffff' or 'red'
:param bg_color: Background as text. E.g. 'ffffff' or 'red'
# Set the default foreground color. (Otherwise, many things will be
# invisible.) Note that gray is the default on Windows, not GRAY|INTENSITY!
if fg_color is None:
# Foreground.
if fg_color in FG_ANSI_COLORS:
return FG_ANSI_COLORS[fg_color]
# Foreground.
if fg_color in FG_ANSI_COLORS:
fg_index = FG_ANSI_COLORS[fg_color]
fg_index = self._color_indexes(fg_color)[0]
return self._color_indexes(fg_color)[0]
def lookup_bg_color(self, bg_color):
Return the color for use in the
`windll.kernel32.SetConsoleTextAttribute` API call.
:param bg_color: Background as text. E.g. 'ffffff' or 'red'
# Background.
if bg_color in BG_ANSI_COLORS:
bg_index = BG_ANSI_COLORS[bg_color]
return BG_ANSI_COLORS[bg_color]
bg_index = self._color_indexes(bg_color)[1]
return fg_index | bg_index
return self._color_indexes(bg_color)[1]

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