JSON representation of a playlist
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JSON representation of a 'playlist'

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use Audio::Playlist::JSPF;

my $playlist = Audio::Playlist::JSPF.from-json($some-json);

say "Playing from { $playlist.title }";

for $playlist.track -> $track {
    if $track.location.elems {
       say "Playing track { $track.title } by { $track.creator }";
       # TYpically if there is more than one location we might
       # choose the most suitable one.
       my $track-uri = $track.location.first; 
       # Do something with the track


This is a JSON representation of XSPF which is a format for sharing media playlists.

Because this does the role LJSON::Class the objects can be created directly from and serialised to JSON via the C and C methods that role provides.

Currently there doesn't seem to be much software using this format for playlists but JSON is convenient for a variety of reasons.


Assuming you have a working Rakudo Perl 6 installation you should be able to install this with panda :

# From the source directory

panda install .

# Remote installation

panda install Audio::Playlist::JSPF

This should work equally well with zef but I haven't tested it.


If you have any problems or suggestions with this module please report them at:


And I'll see what I can do.


This is free software.

Please see the LICENCE file in the distribution

© Jonathan Stowe 2016, 2017