Simple access to network interfaces data fron SNMP
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Net::SNMP::Interfaces.  README Mon Nov 27 08:21:38 GMT 2000

This module is intended to provide simple methods of obtaining
network interface information from a host via SNMP.


The module requires Net::SNMP which must be installed before trying to
install the current module. 


After unpacking the distribution files you should change you current 
directory to the one which contains this file and you should run :

       perl Makefile.PL
       make test
       make install

If 'make install' complains about not having permission to do something
then you will either have to become a user with the correct rights or
install the module somewhere you do have permission - see the section on
keeping your own private module library elsewhere in the Perl Documentation.


Please e-mail any bug reports or feature requests  to
<> to the author Jonathan Stowe

The code is hosted on Github at
Please feel free to fork and suggest patches.  Especially welcome would be 
increased support for newer versions of SNMP (which weren't around when I first
made this.)