Discover which process has a file open, in pure Perl 6
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Discover which process has a file open, in pure Perl 6.

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This is based on the similarly named module for Perl 5 available from CPAN.

Linux::Fuser provides a mechanism to determine which processes have a specified file open in a similar manner to the system utility fuser. There is an example program p6fuser in the examples directory which provides a Perl 6 implementation of that command.

Because this relies on the layout of the /proc filesystem specific to the Linux kernel it almost certainly will not work on any other operating system, though I would be delighted to hear about any where it does work.


Assuming you have a working perl6 installation you should be able to install this with panda :

panda install Linux::Fuser

Or if you have a local clone of the repository

panda install .

While I have only tested with panda I can't see any particular reason why this shouldn't work with zef or some equally capable package manager.


Suggestions/patches are welcomed via github at:

I'm not able to test on a wide variety of platforms so any help there would be appreciated.


This is free software.

Please see the LICENCE file in the distribution.

© Jonathan Stowe 2015, 2016, 2017