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A JSON Object of css font weight names mapped to their numeric font weight value
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CSS Font Weight Names

A JSON Object of all CSS font weight names mapped to their numeric value.


var fontweights = require('css-font-weight-names');



    "thin": 100,
    "extralight": 200,
    "ultralight": 200,
    "light": 300,
    "book": 400,

This list is generated from the Font Weight Numeric Values section of the W3C CSS Fonts Specification.

These values form an ordered sequence, where each number indicates a weight that is at least as dark as its predecessor. These roughly correspond to the commonly used weight names below:

  • 100 - Thin
  • 200 - Extra Light, Ultra Light
  • 300 - Light
  • 400 - Normal, Book, Regular
  • 500 - Medium
  • 600 - Semi Bold, Demi Bold
  • 700 - Bold
  • 800 - Extra Bold, Ultra Bold
  • 900 - Black, Heavy


npm install css-font-weight-names

These values are consistent with other frameworks, such as .NET FontWeights, JavaFX FontWeight, and TypeKit Multiple Weights.

Two minor differences are that .NET FontWeights lists extralight as having a value of 100 instead of 200, and that TypeKit Multiple Weights lists heavy as having a value of 800 instead of 900.

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