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Suggestion: Feature detect then load the polyfills needed #11

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My suggestion (migrated from this comment) is to have users of be able to include a script on their page that would make a list of features not supported:

var arrayOfUnsupportedFeatures = [

Then it would load the polyfills for just those features:

var scriptEl = document.createElement('script');
scriptEl.src = "//" + arrayOfUnsupportedFeatures.join(',');

Like this:

<script src="//,querySelectorAll">

^5, looks good.


:+1: This would make it possible to use in a way that doesn’t involve UA sniffing!


This would rock :+1:


I should have this in today.


The following URL returns the Array.prototype.forEach polyfil regardless if it is needed by the user agent:

<script src="//"></script>

The following URL returns the Array.prototype.forEach polyfill only if it is needed by the user agent:

<script src="//"></script>

Get Array.prototype.forEach and Array.prototype.reduceRight JavaScript regardless:

<script src="//*forEach,Array.*forEach)"></script>

Get section and template CSS conditionally:

<script src="//,template).css"></script>

Now, on to testing. This area might still need some improvement. Based on @Daniel-Hug's demonstration, you hit a

<script src="//"></script>

The test script creates an object with a list of features, with each feature property name returning whether that feature exists. We take all the features that return false and push them into an array, and inject a script tag that returns those specific features' polyfills.


@jonathantneal Your link in your last comment is dead.


@Daniel-Hug, thanks, let me know what you all think of it. I updated the link, it was just a github markdown goof on my part.


test.js isn't working. It creates a new script tag of the form shown below, but then the below script only returns the scripts that it determines your user agent wants, not the ones you asked for:

<script src="//,,Element..mutation"></script>

If you include the Array..forEach script, shown below, on your page, and visit the page in chrome you'll still only get the Element.prototype.matches, Element.prototype.webkitMatchesSelector, etc., not Array.prototype.forEach.

<script src="//"></script>

I can use the "gimme" keyword, and that returns Array..forEach, but it also includes the user agent scripts as well. I want to be able to load just the scripts I want:

<script src="//"></script>

Yes, the middle-ware needs to be rewritten, and new tests need to reflect that functionality. As the service (apparently) gains traction, this is increasingly necessary.

@jdalton jdalton referenced this issue in Financial-Times/polyfill-service

Use live feature detection instead of being based on User-Agent #84


Discussion continues in Financial-Times#84

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