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Jenkins Plugin to publish artifacts to Atlassian Confluence
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Jenkins Plugin to publish artifacts to Atlassian Confluence

This is a hacked version of the standard confluence-publisher-plugin.

We moved from a 3.x version of Confluence to a 5.x version which broke our infrastructure. I found the integration with 5.x unwieldy so I created this fork. I didn't have time to support backwards compatibility or do UI modifications so it's in an as-is state. It works well enough in our environment and I will try to explain the differences in adequate detail. With the exception of a minor bug fix, the changes are focused on between marker substitution.

Changes and Enhancements
  1. A bug fix in com.myyearbook.hudson.plugins.confluence.ConfluencePublisher.findArtifacts() 1. In new projects having no SCM details artifactsDir will be non-null but it won't be a directory so a NPE is thrown. An additional isDirectory() check resolves this.
  2. Use a regular expression for the BetweenTokensEditor implementation. 1. Performing a substitution was gnarly and included a bunch of boilerplate macro code. The implementation now allows the user to simple specify only the ID to find in the page and it does the right thing. See the comparison later in this document.
  3. Allow use of build parameters in the start marker token for between marker replacement. 1. Most of our substitutions are boilerplate but leveraging a parameterized build wasn't an option when it came to specifying which token to replace. An enhancement was made to support this use case.
Comparison of between-marker substitution in original plugin and this version
  1. Original 1. Example start marker token
    1. <ac:structured-macro ac:name="jenkins-between"><ac:parameter ac:name="id">MY_START_TOKEN</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="atlassian-macro-output-type"></ac:parameter><ac:rich-text-body> 1. Example end marker token:
    2. </ac:rich-text-body></ac:structured-macro>

The only way to find the above is to view the storage format for the page which is painful on the eyes.

  1. This version 1. The start marker token is the id of macro in the page
    1. MY_START_TOKEN 1. The end marker token is not needed. 1. My implementation assumes the macro is named "jenkins-between" per the instructions at 1. I attempt to retain the original format options (if I drop them or otherwise don't match it's an unintentional bug but hey, it works on my machine).

In closing, I will say that if you're trying to insert an image dynamically (I do) you will need to stoop to using the raw storage format. At least I did and doesn't matter which version of the plugin you use. Here is an example of the content I insert into my page to dynamically modify an image in our page:

<brain_dump />

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