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  1. Login to Shoov and copy/ paste the code from on the My account page, in order to get your access token
  2. Install mocha globally npm install -g mocha
  3. Follow installation notes for WebdriverCss
  4. npm install


For local testing use phantomJs phantomjs --webdriver=4444

Otherwise you can use BrowserStack or Sauce Labs, after adding the credentials in Shoov's "My-Account" page:


mocha will tests all the files under the test folder.

The example file shows how a single test file can be executed under multiple platforms and browsers. Assuming we are using browserstack, this can be executed by passing the environment argument like this:

# Execute the tests using the ie11 config.
PROVIDER_PREFIX=browserstack SELECTED_CAPS=ie11 mocha

# Execute the tests using the chrome on Mac config.
PROVIDER_PREFIX=browserstack SELECTED_CAPS=chrome mocha

# Execute the tests with the default capabilities provided by the `shoov-webdrivercss` library.


Some times you may wish to run the tests without uploading them to Shoov if a regression is found. In those cases you can use DEBUG=true which will simply output the result using console.log. The foll command may look like this:

DEBUG=true PROVIDER_PREFIX=browserstack SELECTED_CAPS=chrome mocha

After a regression was found check your Builds page, or go directly to the link indicated by the failing Mocha test.