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Remind Me

Create Reminders from

To install just doble click the .alfredworkflow file.

There are different ways to use the extension. To start type "rm" keyword in Alfred bar.

The predefined format of the request is:

rm reminder; date; hour -- parameters must be separated by semicolon

For date field you can use:

next week
8/24		        -- no year
August 24 	-- in that order (month day) and with no year!

(the year will be automatically set to the same or next depending on the case)

For hour field you must do it like this:

1:00		-- will set to 1:00am
14:00	-- will set to 2:00pm
00:30	-- will set to 12:30am, don't use 24th hour, use 00

NOTE: If you enter an invalid hour the reminder will be setted to 12:00am

Some tips creating reminders:

###Case 1: Simple reminder

rm This is my first reminder

*A reminder will be created without due date

###Case 2: Reminder and day

rm Remember the milk; tomorrow

The reminder will be created with due date tomorrow but the absense of hour will cause to make it 1 hour later than current hour

NOTE: If the 1 hour later is a new day, the reminder will be created with today's date, so your reminder will be outdated. Sorry for that.

###Case 3: Full reminder with date and hour

rm Remember to pick up the dog; 9/12; 4:00pm

The reminder will be created with due date September 12 at 4:00pm

rm Dress like santa; December 24; 23:00

The reminder will be created with due date December 24 at 11:00pm

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