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Easily compile and include your Protobuf files to your Ruby app
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Ruby Proto Compiler Gem

This Gem provides a rake task that will add compiled protobuf files to your project. You can use these for your Rails apps or plain Ruby apps.


Install protoc - to compile the protobufs.

brew install protobuf

Getting Started


Add this to your Gemfile.

gem 'ruby_proto_compiler'

To check that it works run:

rake -T

You should see this as one of the rake tasks:

rake ruby_proto_compiler:generate[release,github_archive_url,output_dir]  # Generate the Protos


If you use Rails you will not need to configure anything. If you want to import this rake task to a plain Ruby project you will need to add this to your Rakefile (see the example/ project).

require 'ruby_proto_compiler'

load 'ruby_proto_compiler/task/gen_protos.rake'

To run the rake task:

bundle exec rake ruby_proto_compiler:generate['<release-version>','<project-archive-url>','<output-dir>']

NOTE: output-dir will default to your lib/messages/ folder.

Running this rake task will download the tar.gz of the release from the github url. It will unpack that tar in a tmp/ folder. Then it will compile the protobuf files and place them in the lib/messages/ folder. It will then generate an initializer file to require your protobufs.


If you're getting this error on Zshell:

$ bundle exec rake ruby_proto_compiler:generate["1.0.0"]
# zsh: no matches found: ruby_proto_compiler:generate[1.0.0]

You will need to escape the square brackets with \:

bundle exec rake ruby_proto_compiler:generate\["1.0.0"\]

Future Roadmap

  • Add ability to filter top level packages to compile.
  • Expose other rake tasks so you can perform each step independently.
  • Better rake output.
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