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Hello, Dr!


Inspired by Jr, Dr is a static-static content generator for AsciiDoc-formatted documents. Have a look at the page source!

What is AsciiDoc?

AsciiDoc is two things:

  • A mature, plain-text writing format for authoring notes, articles, documentation, books, ebooks, web pages, slide decks, blog posts, man pages and more.

  • A text processor and toolchain for translating AsciiDoc documents into various formats (called backends), including HTML, DocBook, PDF and ePub.

Visit the AsciiDoc site for an introduction to AsciiDoc.

How this works

All pages are plain text with a single Javascript entrypoint included on each page. The Javascript then parses the AsciiDoc and renders the theme and assets as needed.

In common with Jr, this means:

  • minimal bandwidth requirements

  • better search engine indexing

  • awesome screen reader support

but, because it’s AsciiDoc, you get many more features compared to Markdown. File includes, image embedding, proper tabular data, a table of content, footnotes, …​

How do I use it?

  1. Write your AsciiDoc document

  2. Add the following tag to the end:

    <script data-main="js/dr" src="js/require.js"></script>
  3. Save it with a .html file extension and view it in a browser.


The Dr project is based around several components:

Example elements

Numbered list
  1. item 1.[1]

  2. item 2

Source code
area = "World"
puts "Hello, #{area}"
for i in Hello World; do
    echo $i
Table 1. Tabular data from CSV items
Artist Track Genre


Harlem Shake

Hip Hop

The Lumineers

Ho Hey

Folk Rock

1. This might not actually be first