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❏ Manifest

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Manifest is a grid-based pinboard for note taking. Simply click and drag anywhere to create a note and snap it to the grid set by your current window size. All notes can be moved, resized and deleted. Your browser's local storage is also utilized to save notes between sessions and while offline.


1. Is this available as some kind of web extension?

In order to avoid investing too much in a single eco-system there's no plan to create an extension right now.

2. What about a desktop app?

Given that the easiest way to make a desktop app would use something like Electron or most likely DeskGap, which are just web views themselves, there's nothing really unique that a desktop-specific app could offer. Manifest is however a progressive web app, so using most popular web browsers you can save it as a stand alone application.

3. Can Manifest work on mobile?

Manifest is not a mobile-centric product. This is intentional, as the specific experience and interactions which offer such experience rely on more accurate types of input. If mobile support was made possible though it would most likely require it's own bespoke experience. In saying that, tablet support is definitely a goal for this project.

4. Does Manifest have a dark mode?

Yes. By default, it reads from your OS preference. You can toggle between light and dark mode with altt, and your preference will be saved.

5. What is Manifest built with?

Simply vanilla JS and SASS, bundled with Parcel.

6. Does Manifest use any analytics?

Zero. Manifest provides no connection to a server, and no data is ever sent outside of the browser. All data is stored locally.

Report Bugs

Please create a Github issue, following the and provide as much information as possible regarding the bug, including screenshots or error codes.


Manifest is free and will always be free. However if you'd like to contribute a small donation via LiberaPay to help pay for domain and server costs it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you to bnjm for help with the grid snapping logic, as well as everyone who helped test the first release.


An instant grid-based pinboard for note taking in your browser.



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