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Common Vim commands

:Gbrowse - Open file on github in browser
:Gmove   - move the file to another location. / means repo root. no / means relative to file current locaation.
:Gstatus - show git status
cs"'     - replaces surrounding " with surrounding '
,c<space>- Toggles inline comments
:windo diffthis - diff two open splits

search replace multiple files in vim

:args `grep -r -l ‘I hate vim’ .`
:argdo %s/I hate vim/I love vim/g | update


CTRL-t past selected stuff to command line
CTLR-R paste from bash history to command line
ALT-c cd into selected directory

Vim and system clipboard

"+p - paste from system clipboard
"+y - copy to system clipboard


zf - folds marked code
zo - open fold
zc - close fold
zR - open all folds
zM - close all folds
za - toggle fold under cursor

Solve conflicts

dp (when you are in one of the branches, not the middle window)

git in vim

:Gread - do a git checkout of current file. 
<Leader>gac :Gcommit -a -m ""
<Leader>gc :Gcommit -m ""
<Leader>gs :Gstatus
<Leader>gb :Gblame


:wa - save all open windows
:qa - close all open windows
ctrl-w o - close all windows except current


ctrl-p - search for file/path
ctrl-d - switch mode from path to file when searching
F5 - refresh cached filelist


  • <F5>: start/run (to next breakpoint/end of script)
  • <F2>: step over
  • <F3>: step into
  • <F4>: step out
  • <F6>: stop debugging
  • <F7>: detach script from debugger
  • <F9>: run to cursor
  • <F10>: toggle line breakpoint
  • <F11>: show context variables (e.g. after "eval")
  • <F12>: evaluate variable under cursor
  • :Breakpoint <type> <args>: set a breakpoint of any type (see :help VdebugBreakpoints)
  • :VdebugEval <code>: evaluate some code and display the result
  • <Leader>e: evaluate the expression under visual highlight and display the result

Git commands

make pull request of specific commit.

git remote add upstream <git repository>
git remote update 
git checkout -b upstream upstream/master
git cherry-pick <SHA hash of commit>
git push origin upstream

Remove locally cached remote branches.

git fetch --prune