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Appathon 2011

Our App idea for Appathon is to create a system that will allow users to find a safe route home, via public transport.

Use Case

Johnny is lost in Leith. He wants to find the safest way home from the nearest bus stop. So, he pulls out his smartphone and navigates to our site. The site gets his location using the phone's GPS, and displays a map with the nearest bus stops, overlayed with a heat map or a collection of icons representing reported crime in the area. He can then find his way to the bus stop safely, without worrying about crime.

The app could also be given a postcode for a destination, and give you directions on public transport from your current location.

Data Sources

We will need:

  • The NaPTAN data from here. This gives us the locations of all Public Transport nodes in Great Britain, including station, coach terminals, airports, ferry terminals, and most importantly, bus stops!
  • Some crime data. Probably from, which has an api.
  • Google maps, and the related maps api, directions api, and overlays api (probably).

We may also need:

  • The NPTDR data from here. This contains a snapshot of all public transport journeys.


Web UI, probably coded in Python (django). Most likely hosted on Amazon EC2.