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using StockAlerts.Core.Enums;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using StockAlerts.Core.Extensions;
using StockAlerts.Domain.Specifications;
namespace StockAlerts.Domain.Model
public class AlertCriteria
private static IEnumerable<CriteriaOperator> _compositeOperators =
new List<CriteriaOperator> {CriteriaOperator.And, CriteriaOperator.Or};
public Guid AlertCriteriaId { get; set; }
public Guid? AlertDefinitionId { get; set; }
public Guid? ParentCriteriaId { get; set; }
public CriteriaType Type { get; set; }
public CriteriaOperator Operator { get; set; }
public decimal? Level { get; set; }
public AlertDefinition AlertDefinition { get; set; }
public AlertCriteria ParentCriteria { get; set; }
public ICollection<AlertCriteria> ChildrenCriteria { get; set; } = new List<AlertCriteria>();
public bool ContainsAlertCriteriaId(Guid alertCriteriaId)
if (AlertCriteriaId == alertCriteriaId) return true;
return ChildrenCriteria?.Any(c => c.ContainsAlertCriteriaId(alertCriteriaId)) ?? false;
public IList<string> Validate(IList<string> errors)
if (errors == null)
errors = new List<string>();
if (Type == CriteriaType.Composite)
return errors;
private void ValidateComposite(IList<string> errors)
if (!_compositeOperators.Contains(Operator))
errors.Add($"Alert Criteria of type Composite cannot have an operator of type {Operator}.");
if (Level.HasValue)
errors.Add("Alert Criteria of type Composite must have a null level.");
if (ChildrenCriteria.Count < 1)
errors.Add("Alert Criteria of type Composite should have at least one child.");
foreach(var c in ChildrenCriteria)
private void ValidateNonComposite(IList<string> errors)
if (_compositeOperators.Contains(Operator))
errors.Add($"Non-composite Alert Criteria cannot have an operator of type {Operator}.");
if (!Level.HasValue)
errors.Add($"Alert Criteria of type {Type} must have a level.");
if (ChildrenCriteria.Any())
errors.Add("Non-composite Alert Criteria may not have children.");
public override string ToString()
switch (Type)
case CriteriaType.Price:
return $"{Type.ToDisplayString()} {Operator.ToDisplayString()} {Level:C}";
case CriteriaType.DailyPercentageGainLoss:
return $"{Type.ToDisplayString()} {Operator.ToDisplayString()} {Level:P2}";
case CriteriaType.Composite:
var sb = new StringBuilder();
foreach (var c in ChildrenCriteria)
var operatorText = Operator == CriteriaOperator.And ? "AND" : "OR";
if (sb.Length > 0)
sb.Append($" {operatorText} ");
if (c.Type == CriteriaType.Composite)
return sb.ToString();
return string.Empty;
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