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  • Stripe integration


  • Consider reorganizing dataclasses (model, repositories) by subject/aggregate rather than type


  • Split authentication out into its own project

  • Consider reorganizing domain classes (model, services, factories, repos) by subject/aggregate rather than type


  • Split HTTP endpoints out of Functions project into their own Web API project

    • Create app service for Web API
    • Set up release pipeline for Web API
  • Split authentication out into its own class library project

  • Create PushNotificationFunction

  • Create SmsNotificationFunction

  • Create EmailNotificationFunction


  • Alert Definition create screen

    • Search for security
    • Build criteria
  • Edit Alert Definition

  • Delete Alert Definition

  • Display Alert History

  • Edit User Preferences

  • Implement push notifications

  • Keep logged in/exchange refresh token

  • Style app

  • Create iOS app

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