Your own wikipedia server in a box.
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Step 1: Download some ZIM files

FTP site with ZIM files.

Here are some smaller ones for testing:

  1. Assamese Medical Wikipedia (23 MB)
  2. English Wikipedia Bollywood Articles (265 MB)
  3. Simple English Wikipedia w/ No Pictures (159 MB)

Step 2: Move the ZIM files to the 'zim' directory

# inside the folder where you downloaded the ZIMs (e.g. ~/Downloads)
$ mkdir -p ./dockerized-kiwix-server/zims
$ cp *.zim ./dockerized-kiwix-server/zims

Step 3: Build the Docker container

This will create the Linux machine, download the Kiwix tools (including kiwix-serve), copy the ZIMfiles over, then create the Kiwix library XML file.

$ pwd # -> ./dockerized-kiwix-server
$ docker build -t kiwix-serve .

Step 4: Run the container

This starts the container and the Kiwix server, and makes it available on your machine at http://localhost:8080.

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 kiwix-serve

To turn it off:

$ docker ps # -> find the container id
$ docker stop <container id>

Step 5: Try it out in the browser

Go to http://localhost:8080.