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** $Id: lstate.h,v 2008/01/03 15:20:39 roberto Exp $
** Global State
** See Copyright Notice in lua.h
#ifndef lstate_h
#define lstate_h
#include "lua.h"
#include "lobject.h"
#include "ltm.h"
#include "lzio.h"
struct lua_longjmp; /* defined in ldo.c */
/* table of globals */
#define gt(L) (&L->l_gt)
/* registry */
#define registry(L) (&G(L)->l_registry)
/* extra stack space to handle TM calls and some other extras */
#define EXTRA_STACK 5
#define BASIC_CI_SIZE 8
typedef struct stringtable {
GCObject **hash;
lu_int32 nuse; /* number of elements */
int size;
} stringtable;
** informations about a call
typedef struct CallInfo {
StkId base; /* base for this function */
StkId func; /* function index in the stack */
StkId top; /* top for this function */
const Instruction *savedpc;
int nresults; /* expected number of results from this function */
int tailcalls; /* number of tail calls lost under this entry */
} CallInfo;
#define curr_func(L) (clvalue(L->ci->func))
#define ci_func(ci) (clvalue((ci)->func))
#define f_isLua(ci) (!ci_func(ci)->c.isC)
#define isLua(ci) (ttisfunction((ci)->func) && f_isLua(ci))
** `global state', shared by all threads of this state
typedef struct global_State {
stringtable strt; /* hash table for strings */
lua_Alloc frealloc; /* function to reallocate memory */
void *ud; /* auxiliary data to `frealloc' */
lu_byte currentwhite;
lu_byte gcstate; /* state of garbage collector */
int sweepstrgc; /* position of sweep in `strt' */
GCObject *rootgc; /* list of all collectable objects */
GCObject **sweepgc; /* position of sweep in `rootgc' */
GCObject *gray; /* list of gray objects */
GCObject *grayagain; /* list of objects to be traversed atomically */
GCObject *weak; /* list of weak tables (to be cleared) */
GCObject *tmudata; /* last element of list of userdata to be GC */
Mbuffer buff; /* temporary buffer for string concatentation */
lu_mem GCthreshold;
lu_mem totalbytes; /* number of bytes currently allocated */
lu_mem estimate; /* an estimate of number of bytes actually in use */
lu_mem gcdept; /* how much GC is `behind schedule' */
int gcpause; /* size of pause between successive GCs */
int gcstepmul; /* GC `granularity' */
lua_CFunction panic; /* to be called in unprotected errors */
TValue l_registry;
struct lua_State *mainthread;
UpVal uvhead; /* head of double-linked list of all open upvalues */
struct Table *mt[NUM_TAGS]; /* metatables for basic types */
TString *tmname[TM_N]; /* array with tag-method names */
} global_State;
** `per thread' state
struct lua_State {
lu_byte status;
StkId top; /* first free slot in the stack */
StkId base; /* base of current function */
global_State *l_G;
CallInfo *ci; /* call info for current function */
const Instruction *savedpc; /* `savedpc' of current function */
StkId stack_last; /* last free slot in the stack */
StkId stack; /* stack base */
CallInfo *end_ci; /* points after end of ci array*/
CallInfo *base_ci; /* array of CallInfo's */
int stacksize;
int size_ci; /* size of array `base_ci' */
unsigned short nCcalls; /* number of nested C calls */
unsigned short baseCcalls; /* nested C calls when resuming coroutine */
lu_byte hookmask;
lu_byte allowhook;
int basehookcount;
int hookcount;
lua_Hook hook;
TValue l_gt; /* table of globals */
TValue env; /* temporary place for environments */
GCObject *openupval; /* list of open upvalues in this stack */
GCObject *gclist;
struct lua_longjmp *errorJmp; /* current error recover point */
ptrdiff_t errfunc; /* current error handling function (stack index) */
#define G(L) (L->l_G)
** Union of all collectable objects
union GCObject {
GCheader gch;
union TString ts;
union Udata u;
union Closure cl;
struct Table h;
struct Proto p;
struct UpVal uv;
struct lua_State th; /* thread */
/* macros to convert a GCObject into a specific value */
#define rawgco2ts(o) check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TSTRING, &((o)->ts))
#define gco2ts(o) (&rawgco2ts(o)->tsv)
#define rawgco2u(o) check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TUSERDATA, &((o)->u))
#define gco2u(o) (&rawgco2u(o)->uv)
#define gco2cl(o) check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TFUNCTION, &((o)->cl))
#define gco2h(o) check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TTABLE, &((o)->h))
#define gco2p(o) check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TPROTO, &((o)->p))
#define gco2uv(o) check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TUPVAL, &((o)->uv))
#define ngcotouv(o) \
check_exp((o) == NULL || (o)-> == LUA_TUPVAL, &((o)->uv))
#define gco2th(o) check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TTHREAD, &((o)->th))
/* macro to convert any Lua object into a GCObject */
#define obj2gco(v) (cast(GCObject *, (v)))
LUAI_FUNC lua_State *luaE_newthread (lua_State *L);
LUAI_FUNC void luaE_freethread (lua_State *L, lua_State *L1);
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