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Sintel The Game
Alpha 0.2
New in 0.2
- New Docks Level
- New Desert Level
- Added Tundra Level
- Added torch item
- Revamped combat
- Enemy AI reworked
- Added Wing Nip enemy
- Added Rock Snake enemy
- Reworked & revamped HUD
- New credits screen
- Reworked opening
- Difficulty setting now works
- The game now has a proper font
- Added building LOD models
- Optimized buildings + assets with collision meshes
- The game will detect desktop resolution on first run and use that - custom resolutions still work
- The TAB key now displays the current objective
- Added MUCH better camera collision
- Added SSAO & option in the menu
- Camera no longer goes through buildings
- Can take a screenshot with F12
- Small tweaks to the menu
- Menu XML loading optimized
- Increased quality of intro videos
- Got rid of unneccessary collision in the HUD
- Added support for more screen resolutions
- Added fade-in & out functionality to the HUD
- Got rid of old unused textures + assets
- Added <include film> tag to menu XML
- Menu now loads button text via XML
- Made the menu font less pixely
- Slowed down camera zoom
- Cleaned up loading screen code
- Dialog text is centered better
- Updated extras menu - more dynamic
- Pressing any key now skips the whole menu intro
- Added fade out to the menu
- Windows stand-alone now launches with console for debug purposes
- Cleaned up player logic
New in 0.1.1
- Fixed XML reference issue in the menu on Linux
- Added music to the docks level
- Fixed code error with the HUD
- Added sintel_the_game.blend
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