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Merge pull request #671 from Shane32/shane_bugfixes

Write 'Dynamic VHD unsupported' error to stdout
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joncampbell123 committed Apr 21, 2018
2 parents f45b77a + 2b61e3b commit 5628166a1f2eb29e0ec4407b66f09e4f5621a066
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  1. +2 −2 src/dos/dos_programs.cpp
@@ -3238,8 +3238,7 @@ class IMGMOUNT : public Program {
// check it is not dynamic VHD image
if (!strcmp((const char*)buf, "conectix")) {
LOG_MSG("Dynamic VHD images are not supported");
return false;
// check MBR signature for unknown images
@@ -3957,6 +3956,7 @@ void DOS_SetupPrograms(void) {
"\033[34;1mIMGMOUNT drive-letter location-of-image -size bps,spc,hpc,cyl\033[0m\n");
MSG_Add("PROGRAM_IMGMOUNT_INVALID_IMAGE","Could not load image file.\n"
"Check that the path is correct and the image is accessible.\n");
MSG_Add("PROGRAM_IMGMOUNT_DYNAMIC_VHD_UNSUPPORTED", "Dynamic VHD files are not supported.\n");
MSG_Add("PROGRAM_IMGMOUNT_INVALID_GEOMETRY","Could not extract drive geometry from image.\n"
"Use parameter -size bps,spc,hpc,cyl to specify the geometry.\n");
MSG_Add("PROGRAM_IMGMOUNT_AUTODET_VALUES","Image geometry auto detection: -size %u,%u,%u,%u\n");

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