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VGA: Enforce 256KB wraparound even on SVGA if "chain4 compatible" mode

is active, which for the default S3 emulation is based on a bit
documented to control 256KB wraparound. This fixes some demoscene
productions due to how the end credits are scrolled, since they seem to
rely on that wraparound for a continuous credit scroll.
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joncampbell123 committed Aug 19, 2018
1 parent 0bbb5ac commit fc429bf23216268c6e6dacba4fd1aa8d8e457321
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  1. +17 −0 src/hardware/vga_draw.cpp
@@ -2559,7 +2559,24 @@ void VGA_SetupDrawing(Bitu /*val*/) {
vga.draw.linear_base = vga.mem.linear;
vga.draw.linear_mask = vga.mem.memmask;
/* Some games and plenty of demoscene productions like to rely on
* the fact that the standard VGA modes wrap around at 256KB even
* on SVGA hardware. Without this check, those demos will show
* credits that scroll upward to blackness before "popping" back
* onto the screen. */
if (IS_VGA_ARCH) {
/* NTS: S3 emulation ties "compatible chain4" to CRTC register 31 bit 3 which controls
* whether access to > 256KB of video RAM is enabled, which is why it's used here */
if (vga.config.compatible_chain4 || svgaCard == SVGA_None)
vga.draw.linear_mask &= 0x3FFFF;
else if (IS_EGA_ARCH) {
vga.draw.linear_mask &= 0x3FFFF;
vga.draw.planar_mask = vga.draw.linear_mask >> 2;
Bitu pix_per_char = 8;
switch (vga.mode) {
case M_VGA:

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