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Releases: joncampbell123/dosbox-x

DOSBox-X 2022.12.26 2022-12-26 19:55

27 Dec 04:03
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  • Allow more than 640KB of conventional memory,
    regardless of "allow more than 640kb" option, for
    Tandy machine type. The setting is capped to 768KB
    to reflect Tandy systems with that upgrade, which
    is said to allow a full 640KB for DOS and 128KB for
    video RAM without any conflict from the MCB chain.
    Adjust Tandy video emulation for 768KB case. This
    fixes "Might and Magic III Isles of Terra" crashes
    in Tandy mode and Tandy graphics because the game
    does not correctly handle the memory configuration
    when less RAM is involved. (joncampbell123).
  • Fix code page CPI/CPX loader to allocate 128KB of
    memory instead of 84KB. The code allocates a 64KB
    stack for the executable code within. The 84KB
    allocation permitted the initial stack pointer to
    exist beyond available conventional memory if
    conventional memory size was below about 156KB and
    cause a crash. This is a quick fix, a long term fix
    would be to instead set the initial stack pointer
    to some offset below 0xFFFE based on available memory,
    just as the .COM executable loader was modified to do
    some time back to enable proper execution when
    memsize < 64KB. (joncampbell123)
  • Do not load country/font information at startup
    if the code page to load is the same as the default
    code page. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix Tab/Shift+Tab in Configuration GUI regarding
    setting text fields that have a ... button to select
    from an enumeration. Those buttons are no longer a
    trap for tab enumeration. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix Mac OS SDL1 keyboard support code to properly
    fill in unicode character values in relation to
    IME checks. This fixes a problem where it was
    impossible to type anything in the configuration GUI
    in SDL1 Mac OS builds. (joncampbell123)
  • Mark VBE mode 0x212 as "do not list" so that it does
    not appear in normal VBE mode enumeration, while
    keeping it valid for the Windows 3.1 driver which
    assumes the mode is there at that number without
    enumeration. By not listing the mode, drivers like
    VBEMP and DOS application code will not attempt to
    use it. There is already another mode number for
    640x480 24bpp anyway. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix VBE mode 0x212, which is 640x480 24bpp packed
    mode but with a per scanline stride of 2048 bytes
    per pixel set aside for the Windows 3.1 driver and
    the "640x480 (1Meg) 16 million colors" setting,
    so that the VBE "Get Mode Info" call reflects the
    proper per-scanline stride instead of the ideal one.
    This should fix complaints about VBEMP and 640x480
    24-bit color mode. Given how minimal the use of the
    mode is by the Windows 3.1 driver, the 2048 byte
    mode does not permit setting scan line length or
    display start i.e. panning is not permitted.
  • Fix Pentium Pro emulation to support microcode
    related MSRs so that Windows 98 does not crash
    on startup when cputype=ppro_slow. (joncampbell123).
  • Added SMV debugger command. This is the linear
    (virtual) equivalent of the SM "Set Memory"
    command. (joncampbell123).
  • Fix debugger help command to list both C / D commands
    and the DV/DP commands. (joncampbell123)
  • Add VGA FONTDUMP debugger command for those
    who might want to take custom fonts in text
    mode and do something with them outside the
    emulator. "VGA FONTDUMP" followed by a filename
    which must have the extension .BIN (for a raw
    64KB dump of font RAM) or .BMP (for a formatted
    dump as a monochrome bitmap file). (joncampbell123).
  • Disabled code to randomly return GDC drawing
    status active. The implementation was causing
    severe performance issues. The code has not
    been removed because it could be optimized and
    fixed and could even follow the state of GDC
    drawing. (joncampbell123)
  • VGA 6-bit DAC mode expand to full 8-bit range,
    instead of simple shifting (joncampbell123).
  • Fix 8254 PIT emulation (joncampbell123)
  • Add dosbox.conf option "cpuid string" to allow
    CPUID to return custom ID strings instead of just
    "GenuineIntel". Have fun! (joncampbell123)
  • Fixed build to properly compile against internal
    SDL/SDL2 library even if an external version is
    available (joncampbell123)
  • Fixed some violations of the one definition rule.
  • Use pkg-config to find OpenGL (Jookia)
  • Updated Flatpak SDK and dependencies (Jookia)
  • PC-98 Implement AVSDRV.SYS PCM function (int D9h)
  • PC-98 Support 6x8 Katakana font with int 18h ah=14h
  • PC-98 Fix Audio Q-Channel info in MSCDEX (nanshiki)
  • Fixed FFMPEG 5 compatibility (Jookia)
  • Fix FFMPEG crash if FFMPEG fails to write header
    for some reason. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix setcap on systems with split /usr (Jookia)
  • Fix building with --disable-core-inline (Jookia)
  • Fix building not finding fluidsynth (Jookia)
  • Fix some NetBSD build issues
    (Jookia, with patch from Nia)
  • Fix minor graphical issues in mapper GUI (aybe)
  • Removed --disable-core-inline (Jookia)
  • Swap SDL2 XInput axes by default for a better
    out of the box experience (aybe)
  • SDL1 XInput is now enabled by default for
    a better out of the box experience (aybe)
  • add set of cga shaders from dosbox staging (aybe)
  • Updated mt32emu code to latest(2.7.0).(maron2000)
    Also, added config option "mt32.engage.channel1"
    (Refer to for details)
  • Fix missing line in printouts (Issue #3569)
  • Adjust Int 11 return value to better match real
    BIOSes. (Allofich)
  • Limit the "always return bit 6 of port 61h as set
    for PC" change to only apply to early PC types
    (MDA, CGA or Hercules). (Allofich)
  • Integrated SVN commits (Allofich)
    • r4476: Preserve last error code when no error
    • r4477, r4478: Drive system improvements.
    • r4479: Correct handling of invalid encodings of
      the BOUND instruction.
    • r4480: Some confirmed DOS behaviors and minor
    • r4481: Push registers for most DOS function calls;
      prevents a bug in UNLZEXE from causing a crash, and
      maybe helps other buggy programs and unusual cases.
      Use real addressing to support stack pointer wraparound.
  • Fix Opl3! Duo and Opl2 Audio board audio playback on
    unix (stengun)
  • Fix Japanese input related issues (nanshiki)
  • Fix START command only ever opens first file
    (NebularNerd, darac-10, aybe)
  • Win32 logging console (aybe)
    • add 'Debug/Clear logging console' menu entry
    • ensure main window stays above it when shown
  • Fix overflow in mapper info on SDL2 builds (aybe)
  • Enable OpenGL output in MinGW builds again (maron2000)
  • Fixed to display IME marked text in SDL2 version on
    macOS (nanshiki)
  • Fix allocation of IDE slots when mounting images by
    IMGMOUNT (maron2000)
  • Increase of sprintf buffer size in Program::WriteOut()
  • Fix unexpected behavior of swapping multiple CD images
  • Fixed build on NetBSD and FreeBSD (Jookia)

DOSBox-X 2022.09.0 (0.84.3) 2022-09-01 16:22

01 Sep 23:26
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Note: Installation instructions are available from the INSTALL page. Also, always check out the DOSBox-X homepage for latest updates.

2022.09.0 (0.84.3)

  • Added 86PCM support for PC-98 emulation. (nanshiki)
  • Added German language translation. (Link-Mario)
  • Added code page 867 (compatible with Hebrew DOS
    WordPerfect) and 868 (Urdu) for the guest-to-host
    code page conversions. (Wengier)
  • Improved ANSI.SYS detection for the welcome banner
    and CLS command. The command "INTRO WELCOME" will
    re-display the welcome banner without running the
    commands in AUTOEXEC.BAT. (Wengier)
  • Improved IME support on macOS SDL2 build. (Wengier)
  • Improved detection for the Chinese/Japanese/Korean
    keyboard layouts on Windows platform. (Wengier)
  • Improved Windows installer for selecting languages
    for the DOS emulator. (Wengier)
  • Improved config option "file access tries" for the
    Linux and macOS platforms. (Wengier)
  • Fixed SafeDisc 2 check for Red Alert 2 by renaming
    the IDE CD-ROM device. (rderooy & psyraven)
  • Fixed problem when inputting characters with call
    INT21/AH=3Fh in PC-98 mode. (nanshiki)
  • Fixed hang on zip-mounted drives and minor bug on
    the DOS file-read code. (tbr)
  • Fixed file copying problem with Windows 9x install
    at the end of the DOS-based Setup. (Wengier)
  • Fixed command like "IF NOT EXIST D:\NUL ..." not
    working if the drive does not exist. (Wengier)
  • Fixed that pasting text from clipboard via mouse
    may not work properly in some cases. (Wengier)
  • Fixed the mouse scrolling wheel not working with
    CTMOUSE 2.1's "CTMOUSE /O" in guest DOS. (Wengier)
  • Fixed window transparency setting not working in
    macOS SDL1 build. (Wengier)
  • Fixed macOS small display issue with the in-tree
    SDL2 library by applying SDL updates. (Wengier)
  • Fixed menu option "Always on top" to work with the
    in-tree SDL2 library on macOS. (Wengier)
  • Fixed the terminal mess-up issue with -display2
    option on Linux and macOS platforms. (Wengier)
  • Fixed OpenGL output options not working in Windows
    ARM32/ARM64 builds. (Wengier)

DOSBox-X 2022.08.0 (0.84.2) 2022-08-01 13:28

01 Aug 20:30
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Note: Installation instructions are available from the INSTALL page. Also, always check out the DOSBox-X homepage for latest updates.

For usage information please look at the DOSBox-X user guide, which is available from the DOSBox-X Wiki.

2022.08.0 (0.84.2)

  • Fill in PC-98 BIOS data area byte value indicating
    CPU type (whether 8086, 286, 386 or higher)
    (Wengier), fill it in at startup (joncampbell123).
  • CHOICE now supports breaking and errors on end of
    file or pipe instead of freezing DOSBox-X. (Jookia)
  • Fixed debugger commands parsing numbers wrong. (Jookia)
  • Fixed DIR crashing on volumes with more than
    999,999,999,999 bytes of free space. (Jookia)
  • Switched to year.month.patch versioning (Jookia)
  • Fix NE2000 panicking if packets are queued too fast.
    (kcgen, Jookia)
  • Fix ISO image format detection to support pure
    UDF formatted images, meaning that the image
    lacks any ISO 9660 features and contains only
    UDF. (joncampbell123).
  • Added support for UDF filesystem to ISO image
    handling. It is enabled by default if emulating
    MS-DOS 7.10 (aka Windows 98) or higher.
  • Added code to detect Rock Ridge according to the
    System Use Sharing Protocol standard, and to
    read the SUSP entries correctly for the alternate
    name, if enabled. (joncampbell123)
  • Updated ISO MSCDEX drive emulation to scan the
    available volumes in the ISO image rather than
    assume the first volume, which makes Joilet
    support possible if long filenames are enabled
    and the DOS version is 7.0 or higher. (joncampbell123).
  • Add IMGMOUNT -o option for ISO filesystem support
    to enable/disable Joliet extensions, which is a
    Microsoft extension to ISO 9660 where long names
    encoded using Unicode UCS-16 exist as a supplementary
    volume in the ISO image and are used by Windows 95
    and higher to support long filenames on CD-ROM.
    Added support for reading the Joliet volume and
    providing them for both the 8.3 and long filename
    APIs in DOS. (joncampbell123).
  • Add IMGMOUNT -o option for ISO filesystem support
    to enable/disable Rock Ridge long filename support.
    The option is -o rr=1 to enable and -o rr=0 to
    disable. (joncampbell123).
  • Fixed 8.3 name generations on ISO drives with Rock
    Ridge extension. The ISO drives can be refreshed
    via RESCAN command like other drives. (Wengier)
  • SDL_Net support is available for HX-DOS builds,
    similar to other builds. Packet driver is needed
    for network capability in DOS. (Wengier)
  • Fixed line endings when copying to shared clipboard
    (e.g. CLIP$) in non-Windows platforms. (Wengier)
  • Fixed problems with SDL1 Windows builds in which
    the user had to type the Fullscreen mapper shortcut
    twice. It seems a SDL1 library function that is
    used to indicate ignoring or adding a class of
    events also liked to flush the event queue. This
    is called on mode change. This caused lost
    keystrokes, leaving the mapper the impression that
    those keys were still held down. (joncampbell123).
  • Fixed PC-98 mode MS-DOS 7/Windows 9x boot disk's
    80386 CPU check. (Wengier)
  • Added support for auto-converting non-image drives
    (such as mounted local drives) to disk images, so
    that they will be visible when booting into guest
    systems. A config option "convertdrivefat" (in
    [dosbox] section) is added to toggle this setting,
    or you can toggle via BOOT command's -convertfat
    (or -convertfatro option for read-only access) and
    -noconvertfat options. There're also config options
    "convert fat free space" (in [dosbox] section) and
    "drive z convert fat" (in [dos] section) to control
    free space (in MB; 0 means read-only) and whether
    to also convert virtual drive Z:. Much of the code
    is imported from DOSBox Pure, with added support
    for PC-98 HDI and code page conversions. (Wengier)
  • Added menu option "Save to disk image" (under drive
    letter in "Drive" menu) to save a mounted non-FAT
    drive to selected disk image (IMG/HDI). (Wengier)
  • Added the "Limit disk transfer speed" menu group
    (under "DOS") to toggle the hard & floppy disk data
    rate function. Also moved "Quick launch program..."
    menu from "DOS" menu to "Main" menu. (Wengier)
  • Added code pages 856 (Hebrew) and 859 (Latin 9) for
    the guest-to-host code page conversions. (Wengier)
  • Added config option to allow create of temporary
    devices for piping operations when a temporary DOS
    path is not available. (Wengier)
  • Added support for ATAPI raw sector reading with
    READ CD command. (schellingb)
  • Report bad sectors recorded in raw CD images as
    ATAPI read errors. (schellingb)
  • You can use CONFIG -set langcp=... to change the
    current language along with the embedded code page,
    or CHCP nnn:... to specify a language file as well,
    e.g. "CHCP 932:" or "CHCP 932:ja_JP" for Japanese
    code page and language file. Also improved -langcp
    option for SBCS code pages, and Windows installer
    will additionally set keyboard layouts for the
    selected languages. (Wengier)
  • Changed menu option "Restart DOSBox-X with language
    file..." to "Load language file..." for loading
    language files without rebooting DOSBox-X, unless
    a guest system is currently running. (Wengier)
  • Imported the more recent MBR code from FreeDOS to
    avoid the "boot menu" as in older code. (Wengier)
  • When changing TTF font, DOSBox-X will try to show
    the number of missing characters in the new TTF
    font (if any). (Wengier)
  • Fixed color becoming darker after changing TTF font
    multiples times in TTF output. (Wengier)
  • Fixed display of individual/total file sizes with
    DIR command when they are very large. (Wengier)
  • Fixed non-US code page conversions for mounted FAT
    drives. (Wengier)
  • Fixed incorrect message displays in Configuration
    Tool and Mapper Editor when booting into guest
    systems with language files. (Wengier)
  • Fixed possible "Path not found" bug when switching
    to code page 950 from another code page. (Wengier)
  • Fixed creating directories may not work properly
    for overlay drives on Windows systems. (Wengier)
  • Fixed -set and -get options of CONFIG command when
    there are spaces in property names, without having
    to prepend the section names. For example, command
    CONFIG -get "synchronize time" is supported just
    as CONFIG -get "dosbox synchronize time". Similar
    for -SET option when launching DOSBox-X. (Wengier)

DOSBox-X 0.84.1 2022-07-01 09:45

01 Jul 16:50
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Note: Installation instructions are available from the INSTALL page. Also, always check out the DOSBox-X homepage for latest updates.

For usage information please look at the DOSBox-X user guide, which is available from the DOSBox-X Wiki.


  • Added dosbox(-x).conf option to enable workaround
    for errant DOS programs that set the TF (trap flag)
    and then crash. Added code to DOS kernel INT 01h
    handler to clear TF flag if instructed to by the
    dosbox(-x).conf setting which can prevent such
    errant programs from crashing. Needed for 1996 demo
    "Dyslexia" by Threesome. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix RETF instruction handling to only modify the
    low 16 bits of ESP in real mode, even if the
    immediate value for RETF is a large value like
    FFFEh (fix for Finster by Mad Scientists). Prior
    to this fix, it was possible to increment the
    upper 32 bits of ESP from real mode using a
    normal 16-bit RETF with a very large immediate
    value. This fix removes the need for the ENTER
    masking dosbox(-x).conf option entirely and allows
    Finster to run without it. (joncampbell123).
  • Added dosbox(-x).conf option to control whether the
    ENTER instruction masks the stack pointer to 64KB
    if the stack segment is 16-bit, which is off by
    default because real Intel processors do not do
    that. (joncampbell123).
  • Added dosbox(-x).conf option that can instruct EGA/
    VGA emulation to ignore the display blanking bit in
    the sequencer registers. Some games appear to have
    bugs in their VGA programming code that can
    accidentally set that bit and therefore show
    nothing on screen. Fix for 1996 game "Finster" by
    Mad Scientists. The game appears to make this
    programming mistake on any fork of DOSBox
    including DOSBox-X, and is reported to also make
    the same mistake on other emulators like 86box.
    However most forks of DOSBox have a matching bug
    in their VGA emulation that allows the blanked
    display to appear normally regardless of that
    register bit unless run with machine=vgaonly.
    It's unclear if there is anything about DOSBox
    or DOSBox-X emulation that causes the game to
    misprogram the registers. (joncampbell123).
  • If guest uses ENTER instruction from 16-bit code
    with 66h (32-bit operand) prefix, and the CPU is
    in real mode or the stack segment is 16-bit, mask
    stack pointer with 0xFFFF. This fixes 1996 game
    "Finster" by Mad Scientists (joncampbell123).
  • DOSBox-X will now search for resource files such as
    fonts and translations in the resource directory (
    C:/DOSBox-X in Windows, /usr/(local/)share/dosbox-x
    in Linux, and in
    macOS) in addition to other locations. (Wengier)
  • Updated DOSBox-X's integration device to version
    1.0.1, adding API calls such as DOSBox-X's version
    number and platform, and some DOS-related status
    such as DOS version number. (Wengier)
  • Improve the HX-DOS build package, including the
    TTF output support and accessory files. (Wengier)
  • Use long double for internal event scheduling
    if available, to improve accuracy (joncampbell123).
  • Fix remaining SDL2 Windows problems by adding
    missing break statement above window event
    handler. (joncampbell123).
  • Move "Always on top" menu option from "Video" to
    "Main" menu, also enabled for Windows/macOS SDL2
    builds when possible. (Wengier)
  • Add workarounds for SDL2 builds to avoid problems
    with window resize, menu update, and restore
    events that sometimes caused the emulator to hang
    on startup in Windows. (joncampbell123).
  • Add "Set transparency..." and "Set text in title
    bar..." menu options under "Video" to change window
    transparency and title bar text. (Wengier)
  • Add special properties to CONFIG command including
    "system" and "version". (Wengier)
  • Fix DOS 8.3 filename generations when there are
    special characters in the filenames. (Wengier)
  • Fix creation of disk images with spaces using the
    "Create blank disk image..." menu option. (Wengier)
  • Fix IMGMAKE to provide executable code in MS-DOS
    partition or floppy disk boot sector following
    the BPB, that prints "This is not a bootable disk"
    instead of leaving zeros that lead the CPU astray
    and possibly hang the system in the event anything
    tries to boot the partition (joncampbell123).
  • Fix emulator segfault on invalid encoding of
    BOUND instruction (joncampbell123).
  • Address auto-centering on mode change complaints
    by making the "-" setting of windowposition the
    default. (joncampbell123).
  • Added MinGW-lowend SDL2 build, which is compatible
    with Windows XP. Also updated the build selection
    page for Windows installers. (Wengier)
  • Fix windows transparency during TTF output switch
    in Windows SDL2 builds. (Wengier)
  • Fix SDL2 Windows builds to flag a resize as not
    user initiated only if the presence of the menu
    bar changes. This fixes a problem where SDL2
    builds did not acknowledge window resize events
    at all. (joncampbell123).
  • Fix FluidSynth weird sound issue in 32-bit Visual
    Studio SDL2 build. (Wengier)
  • Fluidsynth: Fix uninitialized conditional object
    init in Windows builds (joncampbell123).
  • Linux/X11: Add an X11 error handler function to
    handle the occasional X11 error that can happen
    within the SDL2 library if certain events, like
    window resize, occur too frequently. The custom
    error handler logs the error but does not abort
    the emulator like the default one would.
  • Fix SDL2 builds with output=surface not to render
    if the window at any point is too small. Resizing
    the window below the minimum supported by the
    DOS screen will not longer trigger segfaults or
    assertion failures. Issue #3348. (joncampbell123).
  • Fix IME not working on Windows when -langcp option
    is used to load a language with DBCS codepage, or
    in 32-bit MinGW lowend SDL1 build. (Wengier)
  • Fixed INT 10h failing to fully clear Tandy video
    memory when entering 16-color graphics modes.
  • Fixed missing/NULL INT 1Fh interrupt vector with
    CGA/PCjr/Tandy machine types. DOS games that print
    to screen using INT 10h in graphics modes can now
    print extended (>=128) character codes correctly.
    This fixes "BushBuck: A Treasure Hunt" and enables
    it's rather odd Tandy detection routine to work
    with machine=tandy. (joncampbell123).
  • Disney Sound Source: Fix problems between Disney
    sound source and parallel port emulation. Fix the
    code to enable Disney Sound System emulation either
    by disney=true (DOSBox SVN compatible) or
    parallel1=disney (The DOSBox-X way). (joncampbell123).
  • DOS SHELL: Change shell command parsing to make
    unusual combinations of command plus trailing
    command possible such as ECHO. ECHO; ECHO: ECHO[
    ECHO] ECHO\ ECHO/ ECHO" ECHO+ (issue #3503).
  • DIR command supports more sorting methods including
    "DIR /OGD", "DIR /OGE", and "DIR /OGS". (Wengier)
  • Support for BDF and PCF bitmap fonts for DOS/V
    functions, such as the free WenQuanYi bitmap font
    (bundled for displaying CJK characters). (Wengier)
  • EGA: Add machine type to emulate 200-line (CGA
    compatible) EGA display mode, machine=ega200.
    All text modes have 8x8 character cells, use CGA
    compatible video timing, and the 640x350 modes
    are not available. Fix EGA display offset register
    usage to properly work with alphanumeric text
    mode when "word mode" is turned off. This fixes
    IBM demonstration program "Fantasy Land".
  • IDE: Remove extra state from IDE controller that
    is managed by the drive. The ATA-1 standard seems
    to say that status and drive/head registers on
    read back always come from the ATA device.
  • IDE: If ATA device is busy, all IDE registers
    return the status register and BSY bit according
    to ATA-1 standard (joncampbell123).
    This command is like the 28h/A8h READ command but
    specific to the CD/CD-ROM format and allows reading
    the various sector types including data sectors and
    CD audio. Windows NT 4.0 requires this, or else it
    treats the CD-ROM drive like a non-working device.

DOSBox-X 0.84.0 2022-05-31 20:25

01 Jun 05:28
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Note: Installation instructions are available from the INSTALL page. Also, always check out the DOSBox-X homepage for latest updates.

For usage information please look at the DOSBox-X user guide, which is available from the DOSBox-X Wiki.


  • CMOS century register now aliased to register
    32h and 37h to appease Windows 2000, which assumes
    the century is stored there and will complain
    about invalid date/time otherwise (joncampbell123).
  • Treat IDE command E7h (FLUSH CACHE) as a no-op
    so that the common use of it from Windows 2000
    doesn't spam your log file (joncampbell123).
  • BIOS: At post, if DOS kernel was active and the
    DOS Shell was still running, initiate a proper
    system reset event. Some software, including the
    WINNT.EXE install program for Windows NT, like to
    restart the system by JMPing to the BIOS POST
    entry point. Prior to this fix, doing that from a
    DOS program caused instability with mounted images
    and the DOS shell due to recursion. (joncampbell123).
  • Fix FPU implementation for aarch64 cores (cimarronm)
  • Fixed INT 10h and DAC palette mapping to resolve
    incorrect colors with Hercules graphics mode when
    a game calls INT 10h to set video mode after setting
    it up. This resolves the incorrect blue on black
    color map for Grand Prix by Accolade (joncampbell123).
  • Add recursive mkdir_p() directory creation so that
    overlay filesystem support can correctly create
    a subdirectory of any depth, instead of only one
    level deep from an existing directory on disk.
  • Add dosbox(-x).conf option "isapnpport" to control
    whether the ISA Plug & Play I/O port is presented
    to the guest. Setting is "true", "false", or "auto".
    "auto" means to enable if PnP BIOS is enabled.
    Previously this port was always present even if
    the PnP BIOS was not. Some operating systems,
    including Windows NT/2000/XP, will enumerate ISA
    Plug & Play hardware by themselves whether or not
    the PnP BIOS is present. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix FPU operations using the top of stack on
    32-bit VS builds (cimarronm)
    Windows NT 4.0 because that system seems
    to want to know if your CD-ROM drive is a
    CD changer (joncampbell123)
  • IDE Plug & Play resource descriptor changed to use
    2-byte structure for listing IRQ resource instead of
    3 bytes. This (for some reason) fixes problems with
    the IDE driver in Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and
    Windows XP and allows them to boot properly.
  • INT 13h extensions function 48h is supposed to
    return physical geometry, not the logical geometry
    normally returned by function 08h. This means for
    IDE devices, to return the geometry the IDE controller
    is using. (joncampbell123)
  • Enhanced the Mapper Editor interface. The Mapper UI
    has been greatly improved. (aybe)
  • Add IDE ATAPI command MECHANISM STATUS for Windows
    NT 4.0 because that system seems to want to know if
    your CD-ROM drive is a CD changer. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix IDE devices to start up with the drive ready
    bit set for OSes that expect it when probing IDE
    devices. This allows the Linux kernel to see IDE
    ATA drives emulated by DOSBox-X. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix IDE ATAPI emulation to correctly handle CD
    READ across one or more DRQ block transfers. Use
    block size given by guest in consideration of DRQ
    block size, which allows ATAPI CD-ROM emulation to
    work properly with the Linux kernel. (joncampbell123)
  • Add debug command to show PC-98 color palettes.
    Corrected typo. (joncampbell123)
  • Add support for PC-98 monochrome graphics mode.
  • IDE emulation now handles implementation events per
    IDE device instead of per IDE controller, which
    may resolve IDE controller issues with some guests.
  • Added PC-98 GDC drawing commands, which is
    based on Neko Project II source code (nanshiki)
  • Added PC-98 LIO BIOS interface, which is based on
    Neko Project II source code (nanshiki)
  • INT 21h AH=31h Terminate And Stay Resident: If the
    program called INT 21h to free its own PSP segment,
    reassign the block back to the program as allocated
    and then resize as expected. Needed for PC-98 game
    "Yu No" in which PLAY6.EXE, one of the resident
    drivers used for music, does just that. (joncampbell123)
  • Add a hack to enable read access to port 0xa460 on PC-98 which
    returns Sound ID to detect the sound board available.
    Note that the current hack returns Sound ID of PC-9801-86 board
    regardless of the board selected to emulate. (maron2000)
  • Adds WINCHECK to list of programs which should not
    return a valid installation check for WinOldAp
    (AX=1700h/int2fh) so it doesn't mistakenly believe
    Windows is running (cimarronm)
  • Add minimal support for IDE SET FEATURES command EFh.
  • Fix CMPXCHG8B to change only the ZF flag, instead of
    changing ZF with other flags in an undefined state
    afterwards. This fixes problems with the Windows 2000
    kernel booting up and cputype=pentium (though I am
    unable to get past the INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error).
  • Updates XADD instruction to set appropriate flags
  • Updates to FPU to handle opcode size prefix (66h)
    on FSTENV/FLDENV/FSAVE/FRSTOR instructions (cimarronm)
  • Update FLD constant FPU instructions to more
    accurately match FPU implementations (cimarronm)
  • Fixed dynamic_dynrec being displayed as dynamic_x86
    in menu, and PREFETCH instruction breakage in the
    dynamic core. (Jookia)
  • Fixed crash if no dynamic cores available (Jookia)
  • Fixed TTF mode breaking a guest not running the
    DOS kernel. (Jookia)
  • Fix DBCS table initialization on reset and
    restart (cimarronm)
  • Fixed some guest systems may not work as expected
    in non-TTF outputs. (Wengier)
  • Fixed IME input not working in MinGW builds, and
    FluidSynth in MinGW-lowend builds. (Wengier)
  • Fixed resizable OpenGL Voodoo window not working
    properly on Windows in previous version. (Wengier)
  • Fixed commands "CHOICE /N /C:123" and "MIXER /GUI"
    not working properly in previous version. (Wengier)
  • Integrated commits from mainline (Allofich)
    • Disable leading directory validity check in

DOSBox-X 0.83.25 2022-05-01 08:07

01 May 15:13
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Note: Installation instructions are available from the INSTALL page. Also, always check out the DOSBox-X homepage for latest updates.

For usage information please look at the DOSBox-X user guide, which is available from the DOSBox-X Wiki.


  • XGA: Do not register XGA I/O ports unless emulating
    S3 chipset (such as machine=svga_s3) (joncampbell123)
  • Menu options "Force scaler" and "Print text screen"
    can now be assigned to keyboard shortcuts from the
    Mapper Editor. (Wengier)
  • Allowed to boot from Toshiba DOS image file for the
    Toshiba J-3100 emulation. (nanshiki)
  • Default S3 machine types now support XGA/SXGA VText
    in DOS/V, in addition to svga_et4000. (nanshiki)
  • Added "j3100backcolor" and "j300textcolor" config
    options (in [dosv] section) to specify background
    and text colors in J-3100 mode. (nanshiki)
  • Added config option "aspect_ratio" (in [render]
    section) which when set will force the specified
    aspect ratio (e.g. 16:9 or 3:2) in the aspect ratio
    correction mode (i.e. aspect=true). A menu group
    "Aspect ratio" is added to "Video" menu for users
    to select or set an aspect ratio, including an
    original ratio option. (Wengier)
  • Added config option "show recorded filename" (in
    [dosbox] section) which when set to true (default)
    will show message boxes with recorded filenames
    when making audio or video captures. (Wengier)
  • Added config option "allow quit after warning" (in
    [dosbox] section) which when set to false DOSBox-X
    will disallow the quit option after displaying a
    warning message. (Wengier)
  • Added config option "turbo last second" (in [cpu]
    section) which allows to stop the Turbo function
    after specified number of seconds. (Wengier)
  • Updated FLAC, MP3, and WAV decoder libraries to the
    latest versions (v0.12.38, v0.6.32, and v0.13.6)
    respectively; per David Reid). (Wengier)
  • Added support for upper case characters (A-Z) for
    AUTOTYPE command. (kcgen)
  • Added /T option for CHOICE command to set a default
    choice as in DOS, e.g. CHOICE /T:Y,3 (Wengier)
  • Added Korean language option in Windows installer.
    Also, language option page will be shown regardless
    of the output option selected. (Wengier)
  • Add stub INT 10h handler at F000:F065 if
    machine=vgaonly and using a VGA ROM BIOS image.
    The IBM VGA ROM BIOS image points INT 42h at that
    fixed address and calls it for any function it does
    not understand. (joncampbell123)
  • Set int33 event status bit 8 when passing absolute
    mouse coordinates, which is useful in emulation or
    virtualization environments where the mouse may be
    integrated with the host cursor. (javispedro)
  • Added support for Pentium Pro hinting NOPs and
    related multi-byte NOPs. (Jookia)
  • Updated HX DOS Extender to latest version 2.19 for
    HX-DOS builds. (Wengier)
  • DOSBox-X returns 1 instead of 0 when E_Exit occurs
    or unit tests fail. (Wengier)
  • Fixed built-in IPX and Modem emulation unavailable
    in MinGW builds. (Wengier)
  • Fixed -machine command-line option (as listed by
    "INTRO USAGE" command) not working. (Wengier)
  • Fixed lockup in classic Jumpman. (maron2000)
  • Fixed color in some modes under x86-64 macOS SDL2
    builds. (myon98)
  • Fixed extra INT 10h call during BIOS screen. The
    extra call caused crashes when combined with a ROM
    image of the stock IBM VGA BIOS. (joncampbell123)
  • Fixed fscale FPU operation and updated FPU status
    word. Also fixed FPU stack value log messages on
    x86-based builds. (cimarronm)
  • Fixed bug that OpenGL Voodoo window may not appear
    correctly if the DOSBox-X window was previously in
    full-screen mode in some builds. DOSBox-X will now
    ensure a switch to window mode (or maximized window
    mode) in this case. Also fixed some menu options
    including rebooting DOSBox-X while Voodoo emulation
    is currently active. (Wengier)
  • Fixed crash when switching to dynamic_rec core from
    menu when dynamic_x86 is also available. Also fixed
    the dynamic_rec core may not be displayed correctly
    in the menu when a language file is used. (Wengier)
  • Fixed Windows resource information. (Wengier)
  • Fixed a buffer overflow when launching a program.
  • Fixed bug where DOS IOCTL would call device control
    channel on devices which did not advertise support
    for IOCTL. (cimarronm)
  • Clean up of DOS device and attribute flag usage
  • Integrated commits from mainline (Allofich)
    • Use real pointer with font data for reading
      characters. Also ignore page number for modes with
      only one page.

DOSBox-X 0.83.24 2022-04-01 08:00

01 Apr 15:04
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Note: Installation instructions are available from the INSTALL page. Also, always check out the DOSBox-X homepage for latest updates.

For usage information please look at the DOSBox-X user guide, which is available from the DOSBox-X Wiki.


  • Release notes for this version:
  • PC-98: Search for FONT.ROM in resources directory
    in addition to the working directory. (bsdf)
  • Add S3 Vision964 and Vision968, based on existing
    support for the Vision864/868 chips (rderooy).
  • APM BIOS: When the guest calls the APM BIOS to go
    into suspend or standby mode, emulate a suspended
    or standby mode. Spacebar resumes the guest machine.
    Blank the display (if VGA/SVGA machine type) upon
    suspend/standby and unblank upon leaving it.
  • APM BIOS: Add dosbox-x.conf option to control
    whether the power button triggers a suspend or
    standby event. (joncampbell123)
  • APM BIOS: Add power button mapper event, tie
    power button to APM BIOS, return power button as
    APM suspend event, add code to APM BIOS to handle
    suspend and resume events. Windows 98 no longer
    complains about the inability to suspend or go to
    standby. (joncampbell123)
  • APM BIOS: Limit debug logging of APM BIOS function
    AH=05h (CPU IDLE) because Windows 98 likes to call
    that function way too often. Once a millisecond, in
    fact! The log spam makes it difficult to see
    anything important scroll by while debugging.
  • Revise S3 Trio64 XGA line drawing code to
    add comments, and obey the "skip last pixel" bit
    so that the Windows drivers can better draw polygon
    line segments. This fixes broken XOR polylines in
    Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Word 2.0. (joncampbell123)
  • Add S3 ViRGE accelerated XGA line drawing function.
    Windows 3.1 through Windows 98 can now draw lines
    with hardware acceleration. (joncampbell123)
  • Merge code to help preserve long filename when
    older program writes/overwrites the 8.3 filename.
  • Change "fpu" config setting to an enumeration
    that still accepts true and false, but now also
    accepts auto, 287, and 387. It is now possible to
    specify fpu=287 and cputype=386 to emulate a 386
    paired with a 287 chip as is said to be how early
    386 Compaq systems were wired, for example.
  • 3Dfx Voodoo window is now resizable (inc. maximized
    window) when using OpenGL mode, in addition to the
    software mode. (MartyShepard, kekko, Wengier)
  • Menu options "CJK: Switch between DBCS/SBCS modes",
    CJK: Auto-detect box-drawing characters", and "Reset
    color scheme" (in "Video" -> "TTF options") are now
    assignable in Mapper Editor. (Wengier)
  • The "colors" config setting now allows a leading
    "+" character to stay the specified color scheme when
    switching from another output. (Wengier)
  • SETCOLOR command allows a syntax like "SETCOLOR 1 +"
    to return the specified color number to the preset
    value (as specified by "colors" setting). (Wengier)
  • When using TTF output, DOSBox-X will dim the topmost
    line when the window is inactive in full-screen or
    menuless mode as in vDosPlus. (emendelson)
  • IMGMOUNT command now accepts wildcards, such as
    "IMGMOUNT A disk*.img" to mount image files matching
    the given pattern. (Wengier)
  • Added CuteMouse wheel mouse extension so that DOS
    programs such as DOS Navigator 2 can make use of it.
    It is enabled when mouse wheel movement conversion is
    currently disabled. (FeralChild & Wengier)
  • Implemented basic support for VMware mouse protocol
    so that when used together with e.g. the VMware mouse
    driver for Windows 3.x, the mouse will be seamlessly
    integrated with the host system, and can enter/exit
    the DOSBox-X window without having to capture/release
    the mouse. Config option "vmware" is added (in [dos]
    section) which allows to disable VMware mouse guest
    integration. (FeralChild, Wengier, joncampbell123)
  • When country number is not specified and cannot be
    obtained from system, DOSBox-X will try to map the
    keyboard layout to country number. The country list
    is also extended. (Wengier & FeralChild)
  • Added "-nolog" command-line option to disable logging
    output completely, and "Disable logging output" menu
    option in "Debug" menu to toggle this. (Wengier)
  • Updated EGA?.CPX and KEYBOARD.SYS/KEYBRD?.SYS to the
    latest version from FreeDOS. The CPX files now appear
    in CPI directory of Z drive, which can be replaced by
    files provided by the user. (FeralChild & Wengier)
  • Fix lockup when printing in dBase IV. (Wengier)
  • Fix crash/restart when running Wing Commander with
    EMS memory enabled. (grapeli)
  • Fix possible buffer overflow issue that may happen
    in certain conditions. (maron2000)
  • Fix NewWadTool 1.3 unable to play music by ensuring
    that periodic timer interrupt is triggered on every
    cmos_timerevent. (cimarronm)
  • Fix handling of some DOS file I/O device drivers that
    expect a pre-filled input-buffer on READ function and
    also do not like to be called for every single byte
    in that buffer may not work correctly. (leecher1337)
  • Fix FPU emulation to use 8087 FENI/FDISI behavior
    when cputype=8086 or cputype=80186. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix FPU emulation to correctly emulate 80287 -/+inf
    compare behavior even if compiled for x86 targets
    where C_FPU_X86 uses the host FPU. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix audio speech stuttering issue in SpaceQuest 4
    v1.3 using Sound Blaster. (grapeli & rderooy)
  • Fix issue with Lemmings palette swapping not working
    properly. (maron20000 & grapeli)
  • Updated MT32emu to version 2.6.1. (maron20000)
  • Updated DOSMID to version 0.9.6. (Wengier)
  • Integrated commits from mainline (Allofich)
    • Indicate in BIOS memory when keyboard ACK received.
      Fixes Soko-ban Revenge.
    • Fix execution of small COM programs on PCjr machine

DOSBox-X 0.83.23 2022-02-28 22:32

01 Mar 06:41
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For usage information please look at the DOSBox-X user guide, which is available from the DOSBox-X Wiki.


  • Fixed XGA accelerated rendering for ViRGE emulation
    and 24 bits/pixel display modes. Since Windows drivers
    insist on 24bpp, this is necessary for
    "Truecolor (24-bit)" to display and render correctly.
  • dosbox-x.conf option "vesa vbe 1.2 modes are 32bpp" is
    now "true", "false" or "auto", where "auto" determines
    this setting based on which S3 chipset is being
    emulated. It seems the Windows drivers for ViRGE
    chipsets require 24bpp for truecolor modes, in fact,
    they do not even offer 32bpp as an option. Since
    the Windows 3.1/95/98 drivers use VESA BIOS calls to
    set video modes, this implies that the VESA BIOS on
    ViRGE cards are also making the base modes 24bpp rather
    than 32bpp. Note that the Windows drivers for older S3
    chipsets are perfectly happy to use 32bpp unless you
    select "16.7 million colors (1 Meg)" in Windows 3.1,
    which is the only option in those drivers to offer
    24bpp. To avoid grief with DOSBox-X users, "auto"
    is the default setting.
  • Added basic S3 ViRGE XGA acceleration. It's enough for
    90% of the GDI functions in Windows 3.1 so far.
  • Fixed S3 rectangle XGA accelerated pattern blit, when
    using display memory as the pattern mask source, to
    follow S3 Trio32/Trio64 documentation, instead of the
    DOSBox SVN educated guess, to resolve some edge cases
    where the wrong color is chosen to draw filled rectangles
    in Windows 3.1. This fixes the "basement" in Microsoft
    Creative Writer so that clicking around no longer leaves
    white boxes on the screen.
  • Extend 256-color foreground/background color behavior
    from S3 86c928 to Vision864 and Vision868 as Windows
    95 behavior suggests they handle the hardware cursor
    the same way in 256-color mode.
  • Extend "divide cursor X position by bytes per pixel"
    behavior from S3 86c928 to Vision864 and Vision868
    emulation as well, based on Windows 3.1 video driver
  • Gravis Ultrasound: Most I/O registers except port 3x4
    are intended for 8-bit I/O. If 16-bit I/O occurs to
    such registers, handle as two 8-bit I/O cycles. I
    found something in the Demoscene (1997 demo "Atlantis,
    Deep Like A Sea") that uses a 16-bit I/O write to write
    current channel and register select in one write.
    Prior to this fix, there was no music other than quiet
    popping noises in DOSBox-X.
  • Sound Blaster: Fixed DSP command 0x48 (Set DSP block
    transfer size) to accept block size as BYTES as
    standardized by Creative and convert to SAMPLES
    internally. This fixes stuttering voices in Freddy
    Pharkas when sbtype=sb16. (joncampbell123)
  • Avoid crashes due to assertion failure when media
    keys are pressed (maron2000)
  • Fix CD audio playback failure (cue + mp3) when
    trying to play from pregap sectors. (maron2000)
  • Change default value of mt32.rate to 48kHz to match
    default value of mt32.analog option. (maron2000)
  • Fix a buffer overflow issue in dos.cpp (maron2000)

DOSBox-X 0.83.22 2022-01-31 23:31

01 Feb 07:39
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For usage information please look at the DOSBox-X user guide, which is available from the DOSBox-X Wiki.


  • Added Pentium 3 Processor Serial Number emulation.
    Serial number can be set from dosbox-x.conf or not
    set, in which case it will act as if disabled by the
    BIOS. (joncampbell123).
  • Added Pentium III cputype, added SSE register set,
    added SSE instructions to debugger disassembler,
    added some initial SSE instructions. (joncampbell123)
  • Added some MSRs expected by Linux, Windows, and
    tools like CPU-Z to make them happy. (joncampbell123)
  • Added FXSAVE/FXRSTOR which makes Linux happy with
    Pentium III emulation. (joncampbell123)
  • Allow WRMSR to set time stamp counter, as it is known
    though undocumented a standard since the Pentium
  • Added debugger command to show global and per-voice
    status of the Gravis Ultrasound emulation. May come
    in handy for programmers who wish to write their own
    GUS routines, and for Trixter who brought up the
    subject of determining whether a program plays music
    with the GUS or treats it like a dumb sound card.
  • Added debugger command to show SSE register file, and
    to set SSE register contents. (joncampbell123)
  • Added debugger command to show MMX register file, and
    to set MMX register contents. (joncampbell123)
  • Added support for expressions within parenthesis in
    debugger expression handling. (joncampbell123)
  • Added & (AND), ^ (XOR), and | (OR) operators, and
    << and >> bit shift operators to debugger expression
    handling. (joncampbell123)
  • Added multiply (*) and divide (/) operators to debugger
    expression handling. Order of operations applies, so
    given mixed addition and multiplication, the multiply
    is done first then the result is added. Also added
    support for the modulo (%) operator to the debugger
    expression handling. (joncampbell123)
  • Revised debugger expression handling to correctly
    parse arithmetic operators with order of operations
    in mind. Prior to this fix, consecutive subtraction
    would cause seemingly illogical results, for example
    "10-1-1-1" would yield "9" instead of "7" because
    subtraction was handled in the wrong order. This fix
    also makes mixed addition and subtraction possible.
    NOTICE: Remember that all numbers going in and
    coming out of the expression handler are hexadecimal,
    NOT decimal! (joncampbell123)
  • Fixed simple expression handling in the debugger.
    Revised hexadecimal vs register parsing so that
    hexadecimal numbers that happen to start with
    the name of certain CPU flag registers does not
    cause confusing results. Prior to this fix,
    hexadecimal numbers like "dfe" or "af0" were
    impossible to enter without leading zeros or
    quotes because the parser would confuse the
    first digits with the DF and AF bits of the FLAGS
    register. (joncampbell123)
  • Added menu options "AMD Athlon 600MHz" and "Pentium
    III 866MHz EB" within the group "Emulate CPU speed"
    (under "CPU") for CPU speeds to emulate. (Wengier)
  • Added support for archive, hidden, system attributes
    on mounted local and overlay drives for non-Windows
    platforms by using special file(s). (Wengier)
  • Added config option "special operation file prefix"
    (in [dos] section) to speciay an alterantive file
    prefix for DOSBox-X's special operations on mounted
    local and overlay drives. (Wengier)
  • Added code page 3021 for the MIK character set used
    by the Bulgarian language (as in FreeDOS). (Wengier)
  • Added language file for the Brazilian Portuguese,
    available from Windows installer. (altiereslima)
  • For piping (|), DOSBox-X will now also try C: drive
    as a temporary piping path if current directory is
    read-only and the environment variable %TEMP% (or
    %TMP%) is not set. (Wengier)
  • For clipboard copy, CR+LF will now be used instead
    of LF on Windows for better compatibility. (Wengier)
  • Disk images are automatically mounted as read-only
    (instead of failing) now if the image files are
    read-only and the users do not explicitly specify
    read-only mode for the disk images. (Wengier)
  • The default value of config option "autofixwarning"
    (in [dos] section) is now "false", and it is now
    changeable via CONFIG command. (Wengier)
  • The default output for Linux SDL1 builds is changed
    from opengl to surface, unlike Linux SDL2 builds
    whose default output remains opengl. (Wengier)
  • Native Windows menus is supported in Windows SDL2
    builds just like Windows SDL1 builds. It is possible
    to force SDL-drawn menus for both Windows SDL1 and
    SDL2 builds at compile time. (Wengier)
  • Setting "windowposition" to "-" in the configuration
    will leave DOSBox-X window position as is instead of
    a specific position or being centered. (Wengier)
  • For printing, the SarasaGothicFixed TTF font will
    also be searched for DBCS code pages. (Wengier)
  • Added config option "showdbcsnodosv" (in the [dosv]
    section) which when set to true enables rendering of
    Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters for DBCS code
    pages in non-DOS/V, non-PC98, and non-TTF mode.
    Video capturing started from TTF output will enable
    DBCS characters when possible. (Wengier)
  • Changing DBCS code pages is supported for standard
    modes (i.e. non-DOS/V, non-PC98 and non-TTF modes)
    using CHCP command. (Wengier)
  • Fixed issues with certain DBCS characters for the
    DOS/V system. (Wengier)
  • Fixed slow blinking text in TTF output. (Wengier)
  • Fixed copying box drawing characters to clipboard
    not working in non-TTF JEGA mode. (Wengier)
  • Fixed background for the Configuration Tool when
    the TTF output is active. (Wengier)
  • Fixed DBCS characters not showing up when capturing
    screenshots in TTF CJK mode, or they do not show up
    properly in the Configuration Tool when "autodbcs"
    is set to "false" in the configuration. (Wengier)
  • Fixed media keys presses by ignoring these keys in
    Windows SDL1 builds. (maron2000)
  • Fixed IOCTL & ASPI interfaces for mounting physical
    CD drives on the Windows platform. (Wengier)
  • Fixed the issue of loading scalers in the previous
    version. A message box will only show up if you
    append "prompt" to the scaler option. (Wengier)

DOSBox-X 0.83.21 2021-12-31 18:28

01 Jan 02:41
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Note: Installation instructions are available from the INSTALL page. Also, always check out the DOSBox-X homepage for latest updates.

For usage information please look at the DOSBox-X user guide, which is available from the DOSBox-X Wiki.

Happy New Year 2022!


  • Release notes for this version:
  • Improved clipboard copying & pasting for different
    code pages including box-drawing characters in DBCS
    code pages. Also, for the J-3100 mode, the selected
    text will now be highlighted when you try to select
    text for copying. (Wengier)
  • Improved IME support for Chinese/Japanese/Korean
    languages on Windows builds. (Wengier)
  • Pausing the emulation will automatically release
    the mouse and prevent mouse capture. (Wengier)
  • For Configuration Tool, a "..." button is added to
    properties which have limited numbers of values so
    that when clicking their possible values will be
    shown in a new dialog and can be selected directly.
    Also, more settings will be applied immediately when
    modified from the Configuration Tool. (Wengier)
  • For Windows SDL1 builds, DOSBox-X will now try to
    prevent the Windows menus from separating into more
    than one lines due to small window width. (Wengier)
  • If a scaler as specified in the config may not work
    as expected and if not forced, DOSBox-X will show a
    a message box asking whether to load it. (Wengier)
  • Config option "pixelshader" now allows a shader file
    name without the .fx extension, or a shader file in
    the current directory. (Wengier)
  • Added support for ENET reliable UDP as an option for
    modem and null-modem emulation. You can enable it
    with "sock:1" option for modems/null-modems that are
    connected with serial ports (COM1-COM9), such as
    "serial1=modem listenport:5000 sock:1" for COM1 to
    listen to port 5000 with reliable ENET UDP instead
    of TCP connection. The feature is ported from DOSBox
    Staging. (sduensin, GranMinigun, kcgen, Wengier)
  • Added new command-line option "-o" for providing
    command-line option(s) if programs(s) are specified
    to start when you launch DOSBox-X. An example:
    dosbox-x program.exe -o "opt1 opt2". (Wengier)
  • Added special properties to CONFIG command including
    "cd", "date", "errorlevel", "random", "time", and
    "lastmount" so that commands like "CONFIG -GET cd"
    and "CONFIG -GET errorlevel" will get current DOS
    directory and ERRORLEVEL value. The returned value
    will also be saved to %CONFIG% variable. (Wengier)
  • Added "Enter Debugger Command" button to "DOSBox-X
    logging output" and "Code overview" windows (from
    "Debug" menu") for users to enter some debugger
    command(s) and see the result. (Wengier)
  • Added debugger commands DATE and TIME to view or
    change DOSBox-X's internal date and time, using the
    same date and time formats as the shell DATE and
    TIME commands, e.g. "TIME 10:11:12". (Wengier)
  • Added config option "badcommandhandler" (in [dos]
    section) which allows to specify a custom error
    handler program before error message "Bad command
    or file name" shows up in the DOS shell. (Wengier)
  • Added config option "stop turbo on key" (in [cpu]
    section) which allows to automatically stop the
    Turbo (fast forward) mode when a keyboard input
    has been detected. (Wengier)
  • Added config option "fat32setversion" (in [dos]
    section) which controls whether DOSBox-X should
    automatically set reported DOS version to 7.0/7.10
    when it's less than 7.0/7.10 and mounting LBA/FAT32
    disk images is requested. It defaults to "ask" so
    that DOSBox-X will ask in this case. (Wengier)
  • Added config option "j3100colorscroll" (in [dosv]
    section) which defaults to "false" and allows the
    J-3100 version of SimCity and VGA version of the
    Toshiba Windows 3.1 to run, whereas CGA/EGA version
    of the latter requires a "true" setting. (nanshiki)
  • Added config options (in "ethernet, slirp" section)
    "tcp_port_forwards" and "udp_port_forwards" for port
    forwarding when using the Slirp backend. (kcgen)
  • Added code pages 737 (Greek) and 775 (Baltic) for
    the guest-to-host code page conversions. (Wengier)
  • Added UTF8 and UTF16 commands to convert UTF-8 and
    UTF-16 text to view in the current code page. For
    example, the command "UTF8 < UTF8TEXT.TXT" will
    output converted text UTF8TEXT.TXT in the current
    code page, and for UTF16 command there are optional
    /BE & /LE options to specify endianness. (Wengier)
  • Added support for DBCS characters located in UNC
    network paths of the form \COMPUTER\FOLDER\FILE
    on the Windows platform. (Wengier)
  • Added hidden code page 951 for Big5-HKSCS encoding
    or Big5 Unicode-At-On (Big5-UAO) encoding. Config
    option "uao" is added in [ttf] section so that if
    set to "true" code page 951 will use the Big5-UAO
    encoding instead of the Big-HKSCS encoding, the
    latter being the default for CP951. If ChinaSea is
    enabled, ChinaSea characters will be used instead
    of original characters in these encodings. (Wengier)
  • Added -nl option for MOUNT command to automatically
    find the next available drive letter to mount if
    the specified drive is already mounted. This allows
    multiple directories to be mounted when DOSBox-X
    starts with multiple [name] arguments. (Wengier)
  • Added HISTORY command to display or clear command-
    line history for the internal DOS shell. (Wengier)
  • Added ASSOC command to view/change file extension
    associations. You can define a command or program
    to open a file with a specific file extension, e.g.
    "assoc .txt=edit" to open .TXT files with the EDIT
    command when entering the .TXT file name from the
    DOS command line. Wildcards are allowed, such as
    "assoc .*=dir", although in such case exceptions
    including "assoc .com=com", "assoc .exe=exe", and
    "assoc .bat=bat" are probably desired. (Wengier)
  • Commands CHOICE and COUNTRY are external commands
    that appear on the Z drive (Z:/DOS/CHOICE.COM and
    Z:/SYSTEM/COUNTRY.COM respectively) now rather than
    internal shell commands. COUNTRY command now also
    affects thousand and decimal separators. (Wengier)
  • The internal Virtual Drive Z: can now be rescanned
    just like mounted local drives. (Wengier)
  • You can now change most config options in [printer]
    section of the configuration for the virtual printer
    with CONFIG -set commands. (Wengier)
  • Added missing ChinaSea characters in code page 950
    with ChinaSea/Big5-2003 extension enabled. (Wengier)
  • Added support for Bash-shell completion for DOSBox-X
    on non-Windows platforms. (rderooy & FeignInt)
  • Improved DBCS support for DOS commands including
  • Improved checking of segment limits. (joncampbell123)
  • Mac OS X builds from now on will use an in-tree tool
    to replace dylib references in all executable files.
    XCode install_name_tool is no longer used, it became
    a hypocondriac and is sitting in the corner screaming
    about link edit data that doesn't fill a __LINKEDIT
    segment. It is once again possible to make Mac OS X
    ARM releases and to use dylib files from Brew doing
    so. (joncampbell123)
  • Fix IPL1 partition choice debug message to actually
    show the partition index chosen, not the -partidx
    option variable, which if not given by the user, is
    -1 and was reported as a very large unsigned
    number. (joncampbell123)
  • Fixed command-line options -starttool & -startmapper
    not showing messages from specified language file
    for Configuration Tool and Mapper Editor. (Wengier)
  • Fixed an issue with RENDER_Reset function while
    loading previously saved states. (yetmorecode)
  • Fixed E_Exit "RET from illegal descriptor type 0"
    when running DirectX diagnostic program (dxdiag)
    from a guest Windows 98 system. (Wengier)
  • Fixed "parallel?=file openwith:xxx" not working if
    a file name is not provided. (Wengier)
  • Fixed crash in the following config combination:
    output=ttf, machine=pc98, dosvfunc=true. (Wengier)
  • Fixed Disney sound source connecting to parallel
    port not working in the previous version. (Wengier)
  • Fixed NET command from Windows for Workgroups 3.11
    not working from the internal DOS shell. (Wengier)
  • Fixed MODE command options like "rate" and "delay"
    not working if entered in upper cases. (Wengier)
  • Fixed command-line parameters (when launching
    DOSBox-X) containing Chinese characters in code page
    950 not working in Windows SDL2 builds. (Wengier)
  • Integrated commits from mainline (Allofich)
    • Improve BIOS FDD motor timeout counter, most
      notably for earlier PCs. Fixes a Chinese variant
      of Space Harrier.