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Pokemon Python

A console application

As a guy who grew up in the Nintendo era, video games always fascinated me. This, and the fact that my parents were always tell me to read a book, led me to an interest in choose your own adventure games as well.

To combine my love for both, I've recreated the first part of the original Pokemon Gameboy game into a choose your own adventure for the console. It's short at the moment, but I had so much fun with it, I may try to do a more complex version in the future.


You're able to choose your own Pokemon, each with its own abilities. There is even an easter egg to get Pikachu.

Tech use

This uses strictly Python.

See it in action

Pokemon screenshot

Try it yourself

Clone this repository

git clone

In order to run this, it would be best to create a virtual environment (but not necessary).

python3 -m venv env

to activate the environment source env/bin/activate

to play the game, run: python3

then deactivate in the console when you are done deactivate