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MEAN Stack with Angular 2 -

Start Client:

  • cd client
  • npm install
  • npm start

Start Server:

Install and run MongoDB

You will need to install Imagemagick for the thumbnailing to work

  • cd server
  • npm install
  • node server.js

Custom Content: The custom field feature on edit content form requires data in the database. There are 2 files that need to be inserted into the 'forms' collection: customFieldForm.json addOptionFrom.json

the IDs of these forms must match the IDs hard coded in contentForm.component.html


  • User Authentication,
  • User Registration,
  • User Management,
  • File uploads with image thumbnailing
  • Content Management,
  • Custom Fields,
  • Custom Content,
  • Dynamic Forms

Here is a personal project of mine. It is a MEAN stack app with Angular4. The purpose of this app is right now is to demonstrate the foundation of any app performing authentication, user management, content management complete with custom fields and custom content forms. It is sort of a MEAN Stack CMS if you will. I intend to give it some purpose and publish it to the app store. For now it is a demonstration of the type of coding I have done with past projects that I am not allowed to show off.

built on top of mean-with-angular-2-user-registration-and-login-example-tutorial

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