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Cheddur 2.0 White Paper

Copyright © 2018 Cheddur, Inc. All rights reserved.


CHDR Tokens (Ʉ)

This repository contains the LaTeX source code for the Cheddur 2.0 white paper. To build the PDF version, clone the repository and follow the instructions below.

Pull requests to update the white paper will gladly be accepted upon review.

Building on macOS

  1. Install Docker:

    brew install docker docker-machine
  2. Install VirtualBox:

    brew tap caskroom/cask
    brew cask install virtualbox
  3. Create and start your virtual machine:

    docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default
    eval $(docker-machine env default)
  4. Build the PDF using Pandoc:


The PDF file will be output to ./whitepaper.pdf.