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yay adds colour to your log files so you can spot things you're looking for easily

$ echo "i have some cheese" | yay cheese is yellow  
$ echo "i want to see errors, warnings and info differently" | yay errors are red, warnings are yellow and info is green  


  • a simple language for creating rules
  • regexps can be used to match things like dates
  • complex, multi-lined rules can be stored in .yay files
  • yay files can be shared using gists!


the syntax is designed to be easy to use but if the other examples seemed a bit too wordy, words like "and", "a", "are" and "is" are completely optional

$ echo "[error] [warning] [info]" | yay error and warning are red and info is green  
$ echo "[error] [warning] [info]" | yay error warning red info green  

you can set both foreground and background colours and use all the VT100 commands

$ echo "this is a match" | yay match is a dim blue red  

if you want to make something really stand out, you can colour an entire line

$ echo "this line has matches" | yay matches are red yellow lines  

you can treat matching words like regular expressions

$ echo "[error] something bad" | yay "(error|warning)" red  
$ echo "[ERROR] something bad" | yay "/error/i" red  

the default configuration works well for log4x and syslog outputs

$ tail /var/log/nginx/error.log | yay  

you can load rules from .yay files, some of which are included

$ yay installed  

you can download and install yay files from anywhere, including github gists

$ yay install my_rule  
$ echo "omg we have an unhandled exception" | yay my_rule  

have fun! :D