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/** Hashed name table
* @file
* This source file is part of the Cone Programming Language C compiler
* See Copyright Notice in conec.h
#ifndef nametbl_h
#define nametbl_h
#include "ir.h"
#include <stddef.h>
// The Global Name Table holds a context-spacific collection of names.
// - Parse uses it to resolve:
// - reserved keywords
// - permission names that begin a declaration of a variable.
// - allocator names as part of a reference type
// - Name resolution uses it (see "hook" functions) to resolve:
// - NameUse nodes to the name declaration node that they refer to
// Global Name Table configuration variables
size_t gNameTblInitSize; // Initial maximum number of unique names (must be power of 2)
unsigned int gNameTblUtil; // % utilization that triggers doubling of table
// Allocate and initialize the global name table
void nametblInit();
// Get pointer to the Name struct for the name's string in the global name table
// For an unknown name, it allocates memory for the string and adds it to name table.
Name *nametblFind(char *strp, size_t strl);
// Return how many bytes have been allocated for global name table but not yet used
size_t nametblUnused();
// The global name hook functions help with the name resolution pass.
// Whenever we enter a namespace context, the context's names are temporarily
// added to the global name table. This way the lookup of a NameUse node
// will find the innermost scope's node that declares this name.
// Sometimes all of the namespace's names are added right away.
// However, a block's local variables are added as encountered.
// When the context ends, its names are unhooked, revealing the ones there before.
void nametblHookPush();
void nametblHookGrow();
void nametblHookNode(INamedNode *node);
void nametblHookAlias(Name *name, INamedNode *node);
void nametblHookPop();