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A Go based web service to collect signup emails. Great for when you need to set up a quick beta launch/signup landing page.

Easily deployable to Heroku.

Demo is here, demo source is here.

Getting Started

Signup can be easily deployed on Heroku:

$ git clone git://github.com/jondot/signup.git
$ heroku create -s cedar --buildpack git@github.com:kr/heroku-buildpack-go.git

Now go ahead and add a MongoDB plugin (which ever you prefer), then we continue:

$ heroku config:add HOST=http://<app-name>.herokuapp.com MONGO_HOST=mongodb://user:pw@<host> MONGO_DB=signup PROJECTS=<project-name>
$ git push heroku master

Visit http://app-name.herokuapp.com and see if you get a pong..


You need to POST an email to a project that is in your PROJECTS list.

$ curl -d "email=foo@example.com" http://app-name.herokuapp.com/project-name

Ajax: Using Precooked Script

The signup server has a special endpoint that you can use to save yourself from manually placing the javascript POST code.

It will inject a snippet of javascript which will hook onto your form:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://app-name.herokuapp.com/script/project-name/%23form-id"></script>

To handle flash errors/success messages, by default, on success it will show an element with the signup-success ID, and on failure it will show an element with the signup-failure id.

To reset errors/success, it will hide elements which has the signup-flash class.


Here is a complete listing of the environment variables:


HOST        http://my-nifty-signup.heroku.com
MONGO_HOST  http://example.com
MONGO_DB    signup_prod
PROJECTS    copycat bundleupon
KIOSK_MODE* set/unset

Note that HOST is needed in the case where you're using the inject feature. This is where you want the injected javascript code to POST at.

On heroku it is simply $ heroku config:add VAR=VALUE for each of these that you want.

  • You only need to set KIOSK_MODE to any value to avoid saving contacts (running in demo mode).

Build Pack and Hosting

This uses the Go build pack:

$ heroku create -s cedar --buildpack git@github.com:kr/heroku-buildpack-go.git

Alternatively, You can deploy this service very easily on your own server.
Since this is Go, everything should be in a self contained binary. Just go get, go install and run signup.


Fork, implement, add tests, pull request, get my everlasting thanks and a respectable place here :).

  • Thanks to zeebo, jessta and rogpeppe of #go-nuts for helpful feedback!.


Copyright (c) 2012 Dotan Nahum @jondot. See MIT-LICENSE for further details.