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my emacs configuration for python, zope, plone, javascript, html
Emacs Lisp Python JavaScript
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This repository is unmaintained and will vanish! Use e-max!

Emacs Configuration

My personal emacs configuration.

  • Python development
    • pyflakes checks using flymake
    • pep8 checks (key C-°)
  • HTML / XML
    • Validation with XML Starlet using flymakes
  • Plone / Zope development
    • Run zope instance within emacs in pdb mode (using emacs gud) (C-c f f)
    • Run i18ndude within emacs (C-c f i and C-c f C-i)
    • Run plone.reload from emacs (C-c f r)
  • Perspectives
    • Switching between multiple perspective (C-p s)
    • Opening buildout-based projects directly with perspective (C-p b)
    • Jabber perspective (C-p j)
  • multi-term integration with zsh (C-p t and C-x t)
    • See also my dotfiles for zsh configuration
  • Packages are installed using el-get

And lots of addons more..

Installation of emacs und utils

I'm using this configuration on Mac OS X with cocoa emacs.

  • Install homebrew, the missing package manager for OS X
  • Install cocoa emacs using homebrew: brew install emacs --use-git-head --HEAD --cocoa
  • For jabber support install gnutls: brew install gnutls (optional)
  • XML Starlet for xml flymake checks: brew install xmlstarlet (optional)
  • contacts for mail / sms (optional)
  • Markdown command for markdown-mode: brew install markdown (optional)

Installation of emacs config

  • Fork my emacs configs on github
  • Clone your forked emacs repo with git into any path you like (I have it under ~/projects/emacs-configs) using git (e.g. `git clone
  • Install emacs configs by symlinking it from ~/.emacs.d (e.g. ln -s /Users/username/projects/emacs-configs /Users/username/.emacs.d)
  • Start emacs from shell using open -a emacs or emacsclient
  • On initial run, various plugins will be installed using el-get. When errors occur, restart emacs again. This may take some minutes.

Using pep8 and pyflakes for python development

  • Install pep8
    • wither with easy_install pep8 or using buildout with zc.recipe.egg
    • Make sure the installed pep8-script is in your PATH
  • Install pyflakes
    • with easy_install pyflakes
    • Symlink the generated pyflakes-script to ~/bin/pyflakes

First steps

  • The org-mode notes are stored in ~/notes/org - make sure this directory exists.
  • If you use jabber in emacs, change your credentials in ~/.emacs.d/private/extensions/jabber.el
  • For changing the default theme (theme-roller) change theme-roller-active-themesin ~/.emacs.d/private/display.el
  • Study the bindings: M-a describe-bindings
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