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# modified by jfro from$
# Update: changed because the old IP-service wasn't working anymore
# Uses curl to be compatible with machines that don't have wget by default
# modified by Ross Hosman for use with cloudflare.
# modified by Jon Egerton to add logging
# modified by Jon Egerton to update to cloud flare api v4 (see
# This version is working as at 8-Aug-2018
# As/When cloudflare change their API amendments may be required
# Latest versions of these scripts are here:
# To schedule:
# run `crontab -e` and add next line (without the leading #):
# */5 * * * * bash {set file location here}/ >/dev/null 2>&1
# this will run the script every 5 minutes. The IP is cached, so requests are only sent
# when the WAN IP has changed. Log output is minimal, so shouldn't grow too large.
# Use strictly at your own risk
cfuser= #Account user name
cfkey= #Global API Key from My Account > API Keys
cfzonekey= #Zone ID from zone overview page
cfhost= #Name of the host entry
cfhostkey= #ID of the host entry (run
cfttl=1 #=automatic - needs to be set in curl request otherwise reverts to a default. Set to the correct value
cfproxied=true # also needs to eb set in curl request otherwise reverts to false. Set to the correct value
log=/var/log/cf-ddns-update.log #Set to desired log output location
date +"%F %T" >> $log
WAN_IP=`curl -s`
if [ -f wan_ip-cf.txt ]; then
OLD_WAN_IP=`cat wan_ip-cf.txt`
echo "No file, need IP" >> $log
if [ "$WAN_IP" = "$OLD_WAN_IP" ]; then
echo "IP Unchanged" >> $log
echo $WAN_IP > wan_ip-cf.txt
echo "Updating DNS to $WAN_IP" >> $log
echo "data: $data" >> $log
curl -X PUT "$cfzonekey/dns_records/$cfhostkey" \
-H "X-Auth-Key: $cfkey" \
-H "X-Auth-Email: $cfuser" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data $data >> $log
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