My first web app built in Django. Time Engine takes a series of events, an end date, and the available days, determines the end date, and displays them all on a calendar.
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Time Engine is my first web app. My goal with this project is to learn Python, Django, and JavaScript more deeply, as well as explore calendering issues and basic web app concepts such as user authentication, accessing APIs, and understanding AJAX.

Time Engine takes a series of events, an end date, and the available days, and determines the end date.

For example, if you are teaching a curriculum that has 57 lessons, and classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, on what date will the class end?

Given a fixed number of sessions, which could be meetings in a series, chapters in a book, lectures in a class, etc., and a start date, figure out when you'll finish the series or class.

Results are currently displayed on a calendar.

Possibilities for extension:

Given an end date and a series of sessions, chapters, lessons, etc. determine how many sessions/hours you'd need each day in order to complete the series by the deadline.

I hope to eventually add options to opt out of weekends, pick which days work happens etc.

I'd like to explore different visualization options as well, perhaps displaying on a timeline.