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# Visualisation of accelerometer data logged by seizure_detector.
# Graham Jones, February 2013
import sys
import csv
import matplotlib.pyplot as pyplot
import numpy as np
fig = pyplot.figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
pyplot.title("Accelerometer on floorboard - Various Activities\nValues are amplitude at each frequency")
pyplot.xlabel("Time (sec)")
pyplot.ylabel("Frequency (Hz)")
ntimes = 280 # number of records ot use in x direction
nfreq = 32 # number of frequency bins to use in y direction
maxval = 10 # threshold amplitude (to make colour range useful)
# Create an array of the correct size, filled with zeroes.
imgArr = np.zeros(shape=(nfreq,ntimes))
im = None
# Open the data file
with open('input.csv','rb') as csvfile:
dataReader = csv.reader(csvfile,delimiter=',', quotechar='"')
colNo = 0
# read each row in turn
for row in dataReader:
if (colNo == 0):
pyplot.xlabel("Time (sec) from %s" % (row[0]))
# read the frequency spectrum from the row.
for i in range(0,nfreq-1):
# convert value to float ***Otherwise it is a STRING!!!!***
val = float(row[i+3])
# apply the maximum value threshold
if (val<maxval):
imgArr[i,colNo] = val
imgArr[i,colNo] = maxval
colNo += 1
# If we have collected enough data for the first graph, plot it.
if (colNo == ntimes-1):
print imgArr
#cm = pyplot.colors.Colormap("accel",10)
if (im==None):
im = pyplot.imshow(imgArr,
# wait for input, then collect data for the next graph and repeat..
print "Press Enter for next plot..."
#c =
colNo = 0