The automated Pokémon speedrunning machine
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Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe) Ingame time.wch


An automated computer program that speedruns Pokémon generation 1 games.

Nidoking Running (by MoofinSeeker)

Pokémon Red (Any% Glitchless) personal best runs:

Watch live

PokéBot’s Unofficial streaming channel on Twitch. Consider following there to find out when we’re streaming.

Run the bot locally

Follow this tutorial by Monk Preston : Click here


PokéBot comes with a built-in run recording feature that takes advantage of random number seeding to reproduce runs in their entirety. Any time the bot resets or beats the game, it will log a number to the Lua console that is the seed for the run. If you set CUSTOM_SEED in main.lua to that number, the bot will reproduce your run, allowing you to share your times with others. Note that making any other modifications will prevent this from working. So if you want to make changes to the bot and share your time, be sure to fork the repo and push your changes.

Other Categories

The bot is designed to run "any% glitchless" (beat the game as fast as possible, without major glitches) categories - the most popular in the speedrunning community. However, the bot can easily be adapted for other purposes including use in testing frame data for human players, or to run different categories of the game.

Red Any% No Save Corruption by Marc-Andre Boulet

If you're interested in adapting the bot to other categories or games, we'd love to see it, and are happy to help answer questions.



Kyle Coburn: Original concept, Red/Yellow routing

Michael Jondahl: Combat algorithm, Java bridge for Twitch chat/responders, LiveSplit, DB, Twitter, etc.

Rhys Jones: Maintaing and updated bot to work with Bizhawk version higher than 1.6

Special thanks

To MoofinSeeker - for the amazing channel description artwork (seen above).

To our Twitch chat moderators who help answer questions, and make the stream a great place to hang out.

To LiveSplit for providing the custom component for integrating in-game time splits.

To the contributor community here, who have helped track seeds and improve the bot.

To the Pokémon speedrunning community members who inspired the idea, and shared their knowledge on ways to improve the bot.