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Recorded information and data analysis ideas

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@@ -7,6 +7,30 @@ an easy-to-use (and maintain) toolkit for analyzing battery performance.
Currently implemented is battery data logger only. The data is stored in a
sqlite3 database. The data logger supports daemonizing (run in background).
+# Recorded information #
+The following information is stored:
+* timestamp
+* battery serial number
+* voltage
+* amperage
+* capacity
+Much more information would be available but I did not see the usefulness of
+other fields yet.
+# Data analysis #
+Some ideas for data analysis (later) are listed here:
+* Sleep detection (no data)
+* How long was the system in sleep?
+* How much capacity was drained in sleep?
+* Charge/discharge cycle detection (based on amperage)
+* What was the average power during a discharge cycle
+* Full charge time?
# System requirements #

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