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A heavy modified version of Appcelerator Calendar Module that would allow you to display event from a JSON source instead of via EventKit, plus more effects on date selection. At the moment, the module is very dirty, I am going to clean up and update the README when I have time.
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= Appcelerator Calendar Module Reloaded

This is a module that displays an iPhone-like calendar widget, based on the work of Keith Lazuka, dba The Polypeptides.

This version is forked from Scott Montgomerie's original code with fixes.

== Building

First download the code: git clone

cd Appcelerator-Calendar-Module

Then build the code. ./

Install the calendar into your app. cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/Titanium/

You'll need to at least touch your iPhone app before including it (assuming you're building with Xcode, not Titanium).

== Basic Usage

To add a view:

var calendarView = Ti.Calendar.createView({
    /*headerColor: "red",
     calendarColor: "#aaa8a8"*/

When a date is selected, a 'dateSelected' event is thrown:

calendarView.addEventListener('dateSelected', function(e) { try { // Do something with the date } catch(e) {; } });

The component is able to show that there is an event on a certain date with a dot icon. To set which dates are set:

var datesArray = [new Date()]; calendarView.setDates(datesArray);

You can also use the calendar to save a date (and this needs to be refactored):

calendarView.saveEvent(start, end, event.summary, event.location, event.description);

That's pretty much it! Any edits/improvements are appreciated.

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