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Sail Plan

Sail Plan will get you up and sailing quickly

Sail Plan is DockYard's Rails template


rails new app_name --old-style-hash -T -d postgresql --skip-bundle -m


Devlopment Environment

Testing Environment

Environment Additions

  • app/assets/fonts has been added to the asset pipeline
  • application.css has been renamed to application.css.sass and it always requires app/assets/stylesheets/application/index.css.sass
  • A print style sheet has been added: app/assets/stylesheets/print.css.sass that always requires app/assets/stylesheets/print/index.css.sass


The template expects PhantomJS to be installed via Homebrew. If PhantomJS is not installed the template will make a single attempt to install. If that attempt fails the template will exit.



DockYard, LLC © 2012


Licensed under the MIT license