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Shakes is a wrapper for the moves api. It provides a simple way of accessing your moves data!

// instantiate shakes like so
var moves = new Shakes({client_id:'your clientid',client_secret:'your client secret');

// moves.authorize will give you a url to send users to so they can authorize your app
var auth_url = moves.authorize() 

// with the ?code=xxxx that is returned from above this will give you a valid access token
moves.auth('xxxx', function(token) {
  // store the token in a cookie or something
  req.cookies.token = token.access_token

// call the api using the named endpoint and parameters + token!
moves.get("dailyActivity", {day:'20130626'}, req.cookies.token, function(data){
  res.render('activity', {'activities':data});


Clone the repo

git clone

Install dependencies

cd shakes && npm install

Setup settings.json

Go to and setup and application, grab the client_id, client_secret and redirect_uri (this is important, mobile authentication won't work without it) and setup settings.json

mv example/settings.local example/settings.json

    'client_id': 'your client id',
    'client_secret': 'your client secret',
    'redirect_uri': 'your redirect_uri'

Run the example site

cd example
node app.js

Run tests

mocha -R nyan (the best way to run tests)