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@import compass/reset
@import compass/css3
// Function for calculating rem.
// Ensure both numbers use the same unit.
@function rem($size, $base: $base-font-size)
@return #{$size/$base}rem
// Function for calculating em.
// Ensure both numbers use the same unit.
@function em($size, $base: $base-font-size)
@return #{$size/$base}em
// Font mixin
$font-intial-value: normal !default
@mixin font($family: false, $size: false, $style: $font-intial-value, $weight: $font-intial-value, $variant: $font-intial-value, $spacing: false, $height: false, $shorthand: false)
@if $shorthand == true
@if $height
font: $style $variant $weight $size/#{$height} $family
font-size: rem($size)
font: $style $variant $weight $size $family
font-size: rem($size)
@if $spacing
letter-spacing: $spacing
@if $family
font-family: $family
@if $size
font-size: $size
font-size: rem($size)
@if $style != $font-intial-value
font-style: $style
@if $weight != $font-intial-value
font-weight: $weight
@if $variant != $font-intial-value
font-variant: $variant
@if $spacing
letter-spacing: $spacing
@if $height
line-height: $height
// Mixin for media queries
@mixin respond-to($device)
@if $device == desktop
@media only screen and (min-width: $respond-to-desktop)