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## Buildlets
An eclectic collection of single file, minimal dependency, PowerShell-based
-simple build recipes for mingw/minw-w64 Windows systems.
+build recipes for creating libraries and executables on mingw/minw-w64
+Windows systems.
+In contrast with other well known port-style systems, buildlets enable one to
+quickly build binary artifacts with minimal ceremony and minimal persistent
+configuration. Typically one downloads a buildlet, runs it, and gets a binary
+archive. How you use the resulting binary is up to you.
+Buildlets are very mercenary in their focus and actions. No interdependency
+management. No complex configuration nor massive directory trees of persistent
+local data. As such, the buildlet system will always be a tradeoff between
+minimalism and modular reusability.
## Dependencies
* Live internet connection
* MinGW or mingw-w64 based toolchain with MSYS, Autotools, and Perl superpowers
* 7za.exe command line file archiving tool
+## Usage
* `get_build_deps.ps1` build dependency downloader

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