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2011-05-29 One Click Orgs 1.1.1
* FIX: Eject member proposal fails to save the description entered with the
* FIX: Form buttons on Voting & Proposals page allow more than one form to
appear at the same time.
* FIX: Subdomain field allows names that are too long to work as subdomains.
* FIX: Setup screens can still be visited after the app is set up.
* FIX: Wrong web address shown in constitution when in single-organisation
* Cucumber acceptance tests added.
* Add a script for developers to create a dummy organisation for testing.
2011-05-19 One Click Orgs 1.1.0
* FEATURE: When making a proposal, your supporting vote is automatically cast for you.
* FEATURE: Constitution and members list can be downloaded as PDF documents.
* FEATURE: Proposal descriptions now accept Markdown.
* App now has a proper maintenance page.
* Design and copy improvements.
2011-04-30 One Click Orgs 1.0.1
* FIX: Ejected members are listed as 'pending'
* FIX: Notice and error messages sometimes display for an extra request after they're needed
* FIX: When adding a new founding member, if there are validation problems, the user gets a 500 error.
* Member details are validated when proposing a new member.
* Email addresses are sanity-checked for validity.
* Footer is redesigned.
* Foreign keys in the database have indexes.
* Rails is upgraded to version 3.0.6.
2011-03-17 One Click Orgs 1.0.0
* Support for UK Unincorporated Associations.
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