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A 3 part blog series that shows you how to upload blobs to Azure Storage from an Azure Function with Managed Identities
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How to Upload Blobs to Azure Storage from an Azure Function with Azure Managed Identities

In this 3 part series we are going to learn a few methods for developing an Azure Function that uploads blobs to Azure Storage using the new Azure Blob Storage SDK and the new Azure Identity SDK's DefaultAzureCredential. We'll first get everything running locally without any cloud dependencies via a Storage Emulator. We'll then run the same code locally, but configure it to upload blobs to Azure Storage using a Service Principal. And lastly, we'll learn how to deploy an Azure Function to Azure, that uses Azure Storage and Managed Identities. The three different setups allow you to iteratively develop Azure Functions without the cost and inner-loop dev cylce overhead of deploying everything to Azure on every code change.

See this blog series for a complete walkthrough:

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