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Photoshop Extensions with React

I’ve been working on a web-based design tool for a few months. After demoing it today someone asked if they could use it with Photoshop. The quick answer was “no, it's a web app that renders React components”, but I realized I'd been avoiding even exploring Photoshop extension creation, so I took the afternoon and looked into it.

The ecosystem is…interesting…

There are a TON of outdated buzzwords out there, but eventually I found great resources on Davide Barrance’s blog.

Turns out the panels are basically HTML + CSS + JS that communicate with CreativeCloud apps through JSX files (not that kind of JSX. Adobe ExtendScript).

ExtendScript sucks a lot but I figured I could take some of the pain out of the process and at least build the UI how I know best - React, Redux and Ramda.

Figured I'd share in case you’re feeling masochistic…

Downloadin’ 💾

cd ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions
git clone git@github.com:jongold/photoshop-react-redux-ramda.git com.yourcompany.yourextension

Buildin’ 🛠

I couldn't deal with certificate signing just yet. Should you want to distribute an extension there are resources in the Adobe CEP docs down there 👇👇👇👇👇

So to enable debug mode in terminal:

defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.6 PlayerDebugMode 1
npm run build
# or
npm start # to watch

Then open the extension from Photoshop -> Extensions

Messin’ 😭

To debug - open http://localhost:8087

UI stuff is in js/

ExtendScript is in jsx/ - this is not JSX like React-JSX.

You could probably add the dependencies to the package.json but I was being lazy, sorry. They're being pulled from npmcdn in index.html.

After making changes to the UI ⌘-r in the browser.

After making changes to the ExtendScript the quickest way to reload the page is double clicking on the panel twice to collapse & reopen with it - should reinitialize it. You'll then have to visit http://localhost:8087 again to reconnect the debugger.

You can use this boilerplate in other CreativeCloud apps too - just change the targets in CSXS/manifest.xml and it should show up in whatever app you want. ExtendScript APIs are different per app but they're all in the docs.

Readin’ 📚