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Grow a custom vector maze with a command line; print as SVG.
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Grow a custom vector maze with a command line; print as SVG.

./gradlew run --args='--size=30,30 --paper 4x4in'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/basic.png -w400 -h400

alt text

I use this program to plot huge 3 x 4 foot mazes on my 1985 pen plotter.

Mazes can live on a rectangular grid, a hexagonal grid, or a triangular grid. (The architecture makes it easy to even extend to an irregular pattern, like a random Voronoi diagram.)

./gradlew run --args='--size=30,30 --paper 4x4in --pattern hexagon'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/hexagon.png -w400 -h400
./gradlew run --args='--size=30,30 --paper 4x4in --pattern triangle --stretch 5.0'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/triangle.png -w400 -h400

alt text alt text

The maze can have an arbitrary boundary and holes in the middle, which you can specify by drawing a black-and-white PNG file.

./gradlew run --args='--size=60,60 --paper 4x4in --mask samples/fat-star.png  -stretch 1.2'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/star-masked.png -w400 -h400
./gradlew run --args='--size=60,60 --paper 4x4in --mask samples/smiley.png'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/smiley.png -w400 -h400

alt text alt text

You can specify the locations of the exits.

./gradlew run --args='--size=60,60 --paper 4x4in --mask samples/fat-star.png --proportionalExits 0,1,1,1'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/star-exits.png -w400 -h400

alt text

You can select how convoluted the solution path is, from "pretty easy" through "labyrinth".

./gradlew run --args='--size=50,50 --paper 4x4in --proportionalExits 0,0,1,0 --stretch 0'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/easy.png -w400 -h400
./gradlew run --args='--size=50,50 --paper 4x4in --proportionalExits 0,0,1,0 --stretch 7'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/hard.png -w400 -h400

alt text alt text

Don't like the solution? Bump the random seed to explore others.

./gradlew run --args='--size=50,50 --paper 4x4in --proportionalExits 0,0.3,1,0.7 --seed 2'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/seed2.png -w250 -h250
./gradlew run --args='--size=50,50 --paper 4x4in --proportionalExits 0,0.3,1,0.7 --seed 3'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/seed3.png -w250 -h250
./gradlew run --args='--size=50,50 --paper 4x4in --proportionalExits 0,0.3,1,0.7 --seed 4'
inkscape solution.svg -z -e doc/seed4.png -w250 -h250

alt text alt text alt text

maze-harvester knows about paper sizes --paper a4 --margin 3cm, and (of course) it can emit E-sized paper for your HP 7585B: --paper 36x48in --margin 1.5in


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