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This file undoes any JavaScript obfuscation done by the PHP JavaScript Obfuscator produced by Wiseloop and similar obfuscators.

Code obfuscated by this tool can easily be recognized by looking for any code that starts with:


and is followed by some JS code and then a long string. Other code obfuscation tools that use similar constructs can also be decoded by this tool.

It does this to show that trying to hide JavaScript code is a futile effort which is trivially countered by simply executing the code.

This script uses eval through NodeJS, which is a potentially harmful operation. To counter the possible security implications of this, this script attempts to drop its privileges to the user 'nobody'. Unfortunately, this requires root privileges, and so, unintuitively, you should run this script as root for maximum security!

To ensure nothing fishy is going on, you may want to change your sudoers file to allow non-password sudo execution of this file ONLY when the file matches a hash. Look at the manpage for sudoers(5) for details on how to do this.