A mini workshop based on my GDI class: Intro to Writing SVG
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Intro To Writing SVG Workshop, Mini

Slides, curriculum notes, and recources for an in person 1 hour workshop for adults based on Pocket Guide to Writing SVG.

The full 2.5 hour course materials can be found here.

Title: Mini Intro To Writing SVG
Grade Level: Adult
Experience Level: Beginner
Total Time: 1 hour
Curriculum: Based on the book Pocket Guide to Writing SVG by Joni Trythall
Objective: By the end of this workshop students will have a foundational understanding of SVG syntax and the benefits of using it this way over alternative approaches, such as an img. Base CodePen demos with instructions allow everyone to get started right away writing and editing basic SVG shapes in the browser. Students will also learn how to edit the code of more complex graphics, like grapes.
Topics Covered: What SVG is, why SVG is awesome, syntax, document organization, writing basic shapes, editing complex graphics in the browser
Presentation Format: slides, CodePen demos, hands-on building
Materials: Computers, CodePen, Chrome (pre-installed), CodePen demos, reference site, slides, Pocket Guide to Writing SVG
Prerequisites: Basic HTML/CSS