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@github-actions github-actions released this 08 May 13:56
· 24 commits to master since this release

Note: This is a beta release. Any feedback is welcomed, and should be reported in this repository!

  • Updated theme to use Material 3
  • Now displaying "All" group options on the Feed screen (#274)
  • Fixed some replies not being filtered out in groups (#344)
  • Added support for downloading to a directory (#269 - thanks to @ManeraKai!)
  • Fixed "tweet unavailable" message being displayed erroneously (#397)
  • Fixed "RT @" being displayed before all retweets (#345)
  • Now displaying loading on retry buttons
  • Added an adaptive icon, finally! (#377)
  • Now displaying a scrollbar for tweet footers on small devices (#318)
  • Increased timeout to 30 seconds, for slow networks

Changes since 3.0.0-beta1:

  • Added support for manually selecting a UI language (#363)
  • Fixed keyboard opening when tapping a hashtag (#399)
  • Fixed images being cut off in the full-screen viewer (#390)
  • Fixed not being able to double-tap images to zoom (#430)
  • Fixed M3U8 playlists being downloaded instead of MP4s (#395)
  • Added support for ignoring individual updates (#446)
  • Fixed an error message popping up when regularly viewing the feed
  • Added support for video cards (#432)
  • Fixed pinned tweets not appearing on profiles (#410)
  • Added support for some Discord embed addresses (fx/ (#436)
  • Tapping dates now switches between relative and absolute timestamps (#358)
  • Added support for hiding NSFW tweets (#248)
  • Added follower and following counts back to profiles (#245)
  • Fixed the video player continuing to play in the background (#460, #464 - thanks to @johann-gambol!)
  • Added support for selecting multiple trends (#461 - thanks to @johann-gambol!)

Changes since 3.0.0-beta2:

  • Fixed media not appearing in a few places (#470)

Changes since 3.0.0-beta3:

  • Fixed lots of bugs from 3.0.0-beta3
  • Added support for custom home screen pages (#160, #443)
  • Added support for disabling screenshots (#480, #355 - thanks to @Myzel394!)
  • Added support for avoiding confirmation bias (#465 - thanks to @Myzel394!)
  • Fixed dragging on images bricking the whole app (#444, #477, #497)
  • Fixed retweets not appearing in group feeds (#494)
  • Tapping on tweet text now opens the tweet again (#246)
  • Added more efficient feed fetching, with 30 day tweet storage
  • Added support for saving searches as subscriptions (#229)
  • Now asking for confirmation when closing Fritter, to prevent accidental quitting (#504)

Changes since 3.0.0-beta4:

  • Added support for viewing broadcasts and events
  • Added better error handling for suspended profiles (#554)
  • Fixed some tweets not being able to translate (#547)
  • Fixed errors when loading profiles with changed usernames (#541)
  • Fixed home page title placement and overflow issues (#521)
  • Fixed home page order not being restored after a restart (#520)
  • Fixed retweet replies not showing (#517, #531 - thanks to @johann-gambol!)
  • Fixed smaller images not filling the bounding box (#512)
  • Fixed retweeted media being saved with the wrong tweet author name (#509, #532 - thanks to @johann-gambol!)
  • Fixed URLs breaking profile headers (#557)

Changes since 3.0.0-beta5:

  • Fixed tweet and hashtag searches not working (#580, #577)
  • Fixed the Sentry notification appearing more often than necessary
  • Stopped pagination from happening after the user navigates away

Changes since 3.0.0-beta6:

  • Fixed Twitter API changes breaking all feeds (#663)
  • Fixed the database migration for saved searches, by making it idempotent (#586)
  • Fixed crash caused by tapping download multiple times (#576)
  • Fixed home and profile tabs resetting their position when switching (#533)
  • Fixed follow icon visibility on profiles in the light theme (#505)
  • Fixed crash when encountering oversized tweets
  • Fixed deleted users throwing a null pointer (#593)
  • Fixed infinite loop blocking first startup (#592)
  • Fixed brick caused by deleting the last or current home tab (#590)
  • Fixed crash when scrolling to the top of large profiles (#607)
  • Fixed the home screen scrolling when choosing a trend tab (#601)
  • Fixed profile tabs to now scroll independently (#600)
  • Fixed group deletion not updating the UI (#591)
  • Added support for opening redirect links from emails (#257)
  • Added pull-to-refresh and scroll-to-top on profiles (#589)
  • Added support for sharing images (#556 - thanks @ramosmauricio!)
  • Added support for muting media by default (#553 - thanks @johann-gambol!)
  • Added saved tweets as a tab on the profile screen (#549 - thanks @johann-gambol!)
  • Added support for custom share link base URLs (#335 - thanks @franck-x!)

Changes since 3.0.0-beta7:

  • Removed support for feeds, as Twitter have permanently blocked the functionality
  • Fixed the video player not responding on single tweets (#666)
  • Fixed long tweets by Twitter Blue users not being shown fully (#644)

Changes since 3.0.0-beta8:

  • Fixed crashes on startup, due to the notification icon being stripped out (#694 - thanks to @j-fbriere!)
  • Fixed tweets with more than 10 replies throwing an error (#690 - thanks to @j-fbriere!)
  • Fixed the blue tick not being displayed for Twitter Blue users (#686 - thanks to @j-fbriere!)
  • Added a monochrome icon (#671 - thanks to @ctntt!)