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A PHP library for interacting with the Spotify Web API
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Spotify Web API

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  1. Add "audeio/spotify-web-api": "0.*" to your composer.json
  2. Run composer update to update your application with the new dependency
  3. That's all!


  1. Instantiate a new instance of Audeio\Spotify\API and set the access token retrieved by your OAuth 2 client (a provider for league/oauth2-client is included under Audeio\Spotify\ Oauth2\Client\Provider\Spotify):

    $api = new \Audeio\Spotify\API();
  2. Call all the methods you need!

    $api->getAlbums(array('id-1', 'id-2', 'id-3'));
    $api->getArtists(array('id-1', 'id-2', 'id-3'));
    $api->getArtistAlbums('id', 'country');
    $api->getTracks(array('id-1', 'id-2', 'id-3'));
    $api->getUserPlaylist('userId', 'id');
    $api->getUserPlaylistTracks('userId', 'id');


The MIT License; please see LICENSE for more information.

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