The files used to serve TicTrainer via node.js
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Project Files


This project contains the files used to serve TicTrainer™ via node.js. TicTrainer™ is a web tool meant to help people build their ability to fight their tics. It was built to implement the RE-ERP strategy proposed by Kevin Black (see description here).

Starting the server

  1. Download the repository to the server
  2. Set constants (optional)
    • The constant "debugging" in root/scripts/auxiliary.js is 0 by default. That means almost no log messages.
    • The constant "PORT" in root/server.js is set to 443 by default for https. That probably shouldn't change.
  3. Start the server
    • (obviously node.js needs to be installed)
    • Run it from the .../root/ directory!
    • .../root$ sudo nohup node server.js &> ../"Project Files"/log.txt
    • "nohup" lets the server continue running after closing the ssh session
    • "&>" pipes error and regular output to log.txt
    • It needs to be run as root to use ports 80 and 443
  4. Make sure the domain name is linked to the server's IP
    • AWS elastic IPs help with this.
    • (From link the domain name (e.g. to the IP address of the server.