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See for more information and comments. This code is several years old, but has proven useful for some other people.

I needed a simple file-based cache for a PHP project the other day and figured I would share.

If you’re looking to cache rendered templates or total site caching, this is probably not the code for you. I wrote this to cache an XML data feed and then render the rest of the page dynamically. It can cache any PHP data type though so a good use case is to cache the results of database queries.

Example usage


$cache = new JG_Cache('/path/to/cache');  //Make sure it exists and is writeable  
$data = $cache->get('key');  
if ($data === FALSE)  
    $data = 'This will be cached';  
    $cache->set('key', $data);  
//Do something with $data

While we’re using a string here, the class uses serialize() and unserialize(), so you can cache whatever PHP data types you want. Objects are especially handy, at least for what I needed to use it for. The cache files themselves are stored as a hash of the key name so you don’t have to worry about file naming rules.

It’s designed to fail silently so your code should always be able to access the data without the cache. The beauty of it is there are only a few extra lines to implement the caching and the rest of your code can remain the same.